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Emily Hacker
Hi! Im Emily and I am PLD Lamplighter's Maestro leader and comic artist. I manage our four broadcast teams who weekly film segments for WPLD. I also manage and am the creator of this years comic section.

About Me

As I've grown up, I would often make short films for my family. I guess you could say I've always been drawn to T.V. and film production, whether it's animated, live action, or simply a vlog on YouTube. Although I've only used programs like Windows Movie Maker, I am taking many opportunities to learn more professional programs; which is why I joined lamplighter. This year marks my second year on staff and I've enjoyed every minute. I've learned to take proper photos which has broaden my love for photography; and I've discovered that I really enjoy writing articles. For someone who dreads writing essays, I've really found a voice with the few works I've published.

In Lamplighter, I have written several articles/music reviews, covered games, and have helped produce numerous segments within WPLD. I will say that I am very fond of my music reviews, especially 'Poet | Artist' by Kim Jonghyun whom passed away in December 2017.

If you cant already tell, I LOVE listening to music, no matter the language or genre; but i do favor K-pop and Pop Rock as of late. I also really like cute things; plushies, fuzzy socks, stationary, blankets, etc. Corgi's are especially cute.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my various work and stories I cover this year, and be sure to check out the rest of our staff on the Lamplighter!

Emily Hacker, Maestro Leader

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