Dunbar Volleyball Aces the Competition

The Bulldogs defeated Boone county on Aug. 29th 3-0.

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  • Junior Meredith Phillips (12) and freshman Kaetlin Ethington (1) get a solid touch off the block.

  • Senior Allie Chapman (5) digs a ball from deep in the court.

  • Sophomore Jane Durbin (10) and freshman Caroline Cole (3) both hustle for the ball.

  • Junior Meredith Phillips (12) serves a strong ball to Boone County.

  • Senior Virginia Smith (17) makes a strong attack over the block.

  • Junior Meredith Phillips saves the play with good hustle assists.

  • Sophomore Eleanor Davis (9) saves the play by sending over a free ball.

  • Sophomore Jane Durbin (10) dives to pick up a tip.

  • Freshman Caroline Cole is aggressive from the service line.

  • Freshman Kaetlin Ethington sees a hole in the block and goes for a big attack.

  • Dunbar’s back line is ready to play.

  • Head coach Jenni Morgan meets with the team.

  • Senior Virginia Smith (13) and freshman Kaetlin Ethington (1) put up a strong block against Boone County.

  • Sophomore Olivia Stotz (8) ends the second set with two aces.

  • Senior Allie Chapman hustles for a cover ball.

  • Team spirit was high as the Bulldogs entered the third set.

  • Sophomore Eleanor Davis (9) gets a kill out of the middle for the Bulldogs.

  • Junior Meredith Phillips assists her hitters for a kill.

  • Teammates watch and wait during the third set.

  • Junior Meredith Phillips descending after a block.

  • Sophomore Eleanor Davis explodes in for a kill from the middle.

  • Junior Meredith Phillips (12) is ready to assist for a attack.

  • Players reacts after a questionable ruling.

  • Senior Hannah Tucker makes a great hustle play to save the ball.