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A New Year, A Fresh Start
Logan Justice talks to Dunbar Teacher Mrs. Wendy Turner about her interesting philanthropic work.
Conversations with Mrs. Wendy Turner
Logan Justice, Public Relations Manager • December 15, 2020
A celebration of life service was held for Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk on December 12, 2020. His presence will be missed by all who knew and worked with him.
Farewell Partner
Annika Koch, Business Manager • December 12, 2020
For many students, online exams are easier than traditional pen-and-paper ones because they can use online resources.
COVID-19 Affects Final Exams
Emma Daman, Staff Reporter • December 11, 2020
PLD Artist Showcase
Featured Lamplighter Staff
Hannah Hammond
Hannah Hammond
Human Resources Manager

My name is Hannah, I am a senior at Dunbar this year, and this is my third year being on staff with Lamplighter. Last year I was on the editorial board as the public relations manager, and now I am this...

Payton Coulter
Payton Coulter

My name is Payton Coulter and I am a senior at Dunbar. I am one of PLD Lamplighter's Editors-In-Chiefs, and I'm in charge of the PR, HR, and Business teams. I joined my sophomore year of high school wanting...

My name is Camille Radhakrishnan. This year is my third year as a Lamplighter Staff Reporter. My older sister was a member of Lamplighter and enjoyed her experience, so I thought I would join as well. For...

Conversations with My Teacher

PLD is a Green Dot School
An overwhelming majority of the counties in Kentucky are red. With a little holiday spirit they could turn green.
Season's Greetings from the Sinecure
Logan Justice, Public Relations Manager • December 8, 2020

While other students move straight from their post-Thanksgiving break into their pre-Christmas break, the Sinecure is still hard at work bringing you the news you need in...

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