Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

Lamplighter Media Productions

Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

Lamplighter Media Productions

Emma Daman

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter

My name is Emma, I am a junior and this is my third year on the Lamplighter staff.

I have always enjoyed writing more than any other subject since I was in elementary school. During my first two years on staff, my focus was on writing articles. This year, I am excited to continue focusing on creating quality articles to be published on the website.

My favorite article I have written to this day is still my Mother’s Day article titled “Thank You, Mom” from freshman year. It got a lot of attention with over 1,000 views being my most viewed article.

I currently cheer for Dunbar but grew up swimming for eight years, so I love exercising all the time. I also spend time with my family and friends as much as I can. Watching TV and listening to music are my go-to activities when I get bored.

I can’t wait to continue producing great content with this year’s staff even if it is from our separate homes.

All content by Emma Daman
Social media can cause more harm than good for teenagers when it becomes an addiction.

The Long-Term Effects of Social Media on Teens

Emma Daman and Victoria Bravo May 16, 2021

What once was a utopian escape for teens and adults alike to temporarily withdraw from reality has now become quite the opposite. It is undeniable that social media holds an increasingly important role...

Staff Reporter Emma Daman shares tips she wished she had followed during remote learning.

What I wish I Had Done Sooner During Remote Learning

Emma Poynter, Staff reporter March 10, 2021

Staff Reporter Emma Daman shares tips she wished she had followed during remote learning.

A page of a scheduling booklet that outlines the steps each grade level should take to prepare for college admission.

Are Juniors Getting Enough Preparation?

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter February 23, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down in-person learning, many juniors feel they are not as prepared as they should be for their senior year and the college application process. “I do not feel...

Donald Trump has been banned from a long list of social media platforms.

Should Trump Have Been Banned from Social Media?

Emily Parks, Staff Reporter February 8, 2021

Donald Trump has been banned from a long list of social media platforms.

Social media is at the heart of why many public figures are being canceled.

Should Cancel Culture Be “Canceled”?

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter February 4, 2021

In modern slang, someone is canceled when they are called out for something they said or did that was objectively bad or could have been considered offensive. Usually when this happens, a large number...

The switch from December to January is often a period for reflection and retrospection.

A New Year, A Fresh Start

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter January 19, 2021

I definitely would not be the person I am today without having gone through the highs and lows of 2020. In fact, 2020 will always be one of the most memorable years of my life.  It felt as if one bad...

For many students, online exams are easier than traditional pen-and-paper ones because they can use online resources.

COVID-19 Affects Final Exams

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter December 11, 2020

The word “finals” is often a stressor for many students, but this semester is a little different than past years. Since the coronavirus pandemic has kept Fayette County students doing school online,...

The Fayette Mall Cinemark has opened back up; however, very few people are going due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Lexington residents feel unsure about the safety of going to a movie theater.

Safe at the Movies

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

COVID-19 has created many challenges for the entertainment industry: among them, the inability to create and produce movies.  Gov. Andy Beshear ordered movie theaters to close back in March when the...

Dressed as a Star Wars X-wing pilot, Mr. Doug Wilkinson used a creative no-contact method of candy delivery.

Teachers Tackle Halloween During a Pandemic

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter October 27, 2020

Dunbar art teacher Mrs. Jamie Preptit has a 4-year-old and a six-year-old. In order to make Halloween fun while being safe, she said she tried to come up with a creative idea: she is turning the inside...

Encouraging all of Dunbars 2,000 students to wear masks properly would be difficult, even with a hybrid model.

Why I Do NOT Want to Go Back to School

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter October 19, 2020

It seems as though whenever you flip through the news on TV, there is a story filled with students who are ready to get back in the classroom. But what about those who are not? Logically speaking, getting...

Some students report that logging into a Chromebook can take a little longer, and that the computers arent as fast as others.

Some Students Still Need Chromebooks for NTI

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter October 9, 2020

Before the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, students were given the opportunity to request a Chromebook or an internet hotspot in order to be equipped for the upcoming online learning school year.  A...

Freshman taking notes on a zoom call for math class.

Class of 2024 Begins High School Virtually

Emma Daman and Madelyn Justice September 19, 2020

Starting high school virtually is just one task freshmen around the nation have proven to be just another bump in the road. High school can be a time full of fear and worry, and for the class of 2024,...

Many students use online platforms such as Google Classroom to access work their teachers assign at home.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of NTI

Emma Daman, Copy Editor April 25, 2020

Students and teachers are finding positives and negatives to the new style of teaching and learning. The most common benefit, according to students, is a more relaxed pace. “I like doing these online...

Beaches begin to close which cancel many vacations.

Coronavirus Cancels Vacations

Emma Daman, Copy Editor March 30, 2020

FCPS’s spring break was scheduled this past week; however, it hardly felt like a break as students have already been out of school for two weeks. Fayette County Public Schools are not scheduled to...

Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers as number 24.

Kobe’s Impact on PLD’s Basketball Players

Emma Daman, Copy Editor February 25, 2020

The death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant along with eight others in a helicopter crash was a shock to the nation on Jan. 26, 2020. Bryant’s memorial service was held on Feb. 24 at the Staples Center where...

The awards I got at the banquet for my first year doing summer swim in 2012.

A Letter To My Younger Self

Emma Daman, Copy Editor November 12, 2019

Dear eight-year-old Emma, Let me tell you about the next seven years: you think you have your life all planned out, but things will change. There will be times when you will be pushed to do things out...

Savanna Montgomery and Olivia Doyle show off their school spirit on Throwback Thursday.

The Importance of School Spirit

Emma Daman, Copy Editor October 1, 2019

Savanna Montgomery and Olivia Doyle show off their school spirit on Throwback Thursday.

Students in German classes were able to step inside this bus and explore deeper into the language and culture.

World Language Opportunities at PLD

Jack Naehr, Staff Reporter October 23, 2019

Students in German classes were able to step inside this bus and explore deeper into the language and culture.

Around 500 students at Dunbar will be receiving new schedules on Sept. 17.

Overcrowding Creates Schedule Changes

Emma Daman, Copy Editor September 16, 2019

Students and faculty were unexpectedly affected by a large number of those enrolled at Dunbar this year. “On day one we had approximately 1,975 students enrolled and ready to start. Over the course...

Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, is key when the temperature rises.

Hot Weather and Student Athletes

Emma Daman, Copy Editor September 4, 2019

Students who participate in sports and other outdoor activities in Kentucky this school year have to adhere to KHSAA's new heat-related illness safety guidelines. This means that some Dunbar sports teams...

Students Return to Building Improvements

Emma Daman, Copyeditor August 17, 2019

Walking into Dunbar for the first time this year, students were greeted with more than a few improvements to the school. The change affecting most students are the new tables in the school cafeteria....

Freshmen in Ms. Durhams A3 class.

Reflection on my Freshman Year

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter May 30, 2019

Now that the 2018-19 school year is nearing the end, I wish I could go back in time and tell my eighth-grade self to not worry about the year ahead. Luckily, my mom works at my school, and my older...

Staff Reporter, Emma Daman and her family on Halloween.

Thank You, Mom

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter May 12, 2019

Thank you, mom, for making that decision to bring a 14-month-old baby girl home from China 14 years ago. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a life for myself. You knew this decision would...

Staff Cartoonist Emily Hacker illustrated the thoughts that students commonly have when responding to peer pressure.

Peer Pressure’s Harmful Effect on Teenagers

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter April 2, 2019

Teenagers often make decisions under the influence of their peers in order to make themselves look good or because they think that is the right decision. However, not all of the decisions are right....

New Media Arts Pathway at Dunbar

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter March 24, 2019

A Career Technical Education Pathway is a program in Kentucky for those who desire to join the workforce after high school as well as an opportunity for those who plan to go to college. Dunbar recently...

Staff artist Emily Hacker illustrated this Spirit of video games grabbing at the thoughts of a teen.

Video Games and the Teenage Brain

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter March 23, 2019

It's fair to say that video games have become an increasingly attractive way to spend time for most teenagers. But is playing video games really bad? Video games are sometimes prioritized over school...

Wake Forest v. Memphis

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter January 22, 2019

On Dec. 22 Wake Forest played Memphis in the Birmingham Bowl. Wake Forest came back from an 18-point deficit beating Memphis with a tight score of 37-34. Therewith five lead changes and 907 yards of offense...

Keeping the Flu Away

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter November 28, 2018

Globally, 250,000 to 500,000 people are estimated to die from the flu each year, 36,000 of them in the United States. In Lexington alone, 27 deaths from flu-related causes occurred in 2017. "I have...

Bike sharing has become a popular thing around the streets of Lexington

Take a Spin on These Rental Bikes

Emma Daman and Brooke Abell October 13, 2018

Riders can find Spin Bikes in parking lots, around downtown, in local parks and even in some neighborhoods, but not everyone knows about this program or how to use it. What is a Spin Bike? A company...

What’s Your Green Dot?

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter September 30, 2018

In 1999, Dr. Dorothy Edwards introduced the Green Dot program at the University of Kentucky after she began seeing bystanders step in to stop "red dot behaviors" such as sexual harassment and assault...

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