Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

Lamplighter Media Productions

Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

Lamplighter Media Productions

Olivia Doyle

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief

My name is Olivia Doyle. This is my third year on staff and I am one of three Editors-in-Chief for Lamplighter. Last year, I was the Public Relations Manager and took over as Editor-in-Chief for the second semester.

I am a senior this year and plan on majoring in Broadcasting with a concentration in multimedia journalism. Journalism is my passion, so spending my life following my passion sounds pretty wonderful to me.

The most exciting thing I have done while on staff was getting nationally recognized by The Washington Post, CNN, and The Courier-Journal, to name a few, for an editorial called No Seat at the Roundtable. It also received a Best of SNO award.

I hope you enjoy all of the things Lamplighter does this year, and I am so excited to share our work with you!

All content by Olivia Doyle
I didn’t know that the last day of my high school career was just that...the last day.

Not How I’d Hoped This Would End

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2020

If I’m being honest, I’ve shed many tears over the loss of the most significant moments of high school graduations: I will not be able to walk across that stage with my head held high, I will not be...

PLD Librarian Mrs. Summer Perry said that she decided to provide Clorox wipes at the library Chromebooks station so students can sanitize before and after each use.

What Qualifies as Necessary?

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2020

On March 10 Governor Andy Beshear announced two more confirmed cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Harrison County, bringing the Kentucky state total to eight confirmed cases: five COVID-19 cases...

The site of the crash at Harrodsburg Road and Old Higbee Mill Road

PLD Teachers Run to the Rescue

Mike Marshall, Kennedy Gayheart, and Olivia Doyle March 5, 2020

At an intersection near Harrodsburg and Old Higbee Mill roads, approximately 2.5 miles from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, band director Mr. Brian Morgan, physical education teacher Mr. Lee Jonas,...

For such a small word, the pronoun they has been stirring up a lot of trouble.

They/Them/Their: Why Language Matters

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2020

High school is a time when many students are discovering who they are, but for some non-binary and transgender students, it can difficult to ask for their preferred pronouns. Non-binary, agender, bigender,...

Billie Eilish is the youngest person to complete the Big Four Sweep at the Grammy.

Billie Eilish and the Big Four Sweep

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief January 29, 2020

17-year-old artist Billie Eilish is becoming a pioneer for female artists as well as a role model. She made history at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. Of her six grammy nominations, Eilish won five,...

Dunbar graduate Vanecia Dawson shared a picture of the ring retrieved after being lost for 10 years.

Dunbar Class Ring Returned After 10 Years

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief January 28, 2020

Imagine it’s 2010 and you are about to graduate high school. You buy a class ring from Jostens to commemorate a long four years and to serve as a reminder to never give up on yourself. Then, right before...

Fred Rogers played by Tom Hanks in the new film, A Beautiful day in the Neighborhood

Review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2019

Leaving the theater, I felt a rollercoaster of emotions. The hard-hitting subject matter discussed throughout the movie left me feeling overwhelmed, but showed that even in a world full of darkness, there...

All schools have unsung heroes that help keep the building running, and help keep students safe. Officer Pedroche (left) and Head Custodian Steve Coofer (right).

Painting Classes Honor School’s Unsung Heroes

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2019

Students in PLD's two painting classes were recently given a unique task: they were asked to nominate a school employee who makes an impact on the building, but who may not always be recognized for their...

Protests can sometimes turn rowdy, such as this 2017 Chicago protest against Trump.

Why We Didn’t Attend the Trump Rally

Olivia Doyle and Anthony Mondelli November 7, 2019

President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Downtown Lexington on Monday, Nov. 4. He hoped to convince supporters to vote for Matt Bevin in the 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial race and campaign for the...

Did you know that smiling can genuinely boost your mood, even if its not a true smile

Fake It Til You Make It: Why Smiling Can Boost Your Mood

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief October 23, 2019

As high schoolers, we are at a period in our lives where so much is changing and happening around us.  Freshman have just started a new chapter in their lives, sophomores are doing whatever it is sophomores...

Did you know that smiling can genuinely boost your mood, even if its not a true smile

Balancing Life as a High School Student

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2019

Dear Liv, I'm struggling to find balance in my life right now. My time management skills have never been great. Between school, family, and a relationship, I've found myself becoming overwhelmed often....

PLD Custodians spent the evening sanitizing classrooms after a confirmed case of whooping cough.

Whooping Cough Case Confirmed at Dunbar

Olivia Doyle and Kennedy Gayheart October 1, 2019

Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a rare and highly contagious bacterial respiratory tract infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are fewer than 200,000 cases per year. It spreads easily through...

Did you know that smiling can genuinely boost your mood, even if its not a true smile

Five Quotes for a Positive Outlook

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief September 30, 2019

Welcome back to Advice for LIVing, and happy Monday! Mondays are quite possibly the hardest day of the week.  After a weekend off of school or work, getting back into the swing of things can be...

Sandy Hook Promise is working towards ending gun violence

“Know the Signs” Campaign

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief September 21, 2019

On Sept. 18, 2019, a Public Service Announcement by the Sandy Hook Promise debuted on the TODAY show. In the PSA entitled "Back to School Essentials," students were depicted using ordinary "back-to-school...

Did you know that smiling can genuinely boost your mood, even if its not a true smile

Welcome to Advice for LIVing

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief September 1, 2019

First, let me explain the pun in the title. My name is Olivia, and this is my advice column on how to live a happy life. Get it? O-Liv-ia? Now that we've got that covered, let's dig in: Navigating...

The 2018-19 Annual Report pamphlet and itinerary from the 2019 State of Schools Address.

State of the Schools Address

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief August 19, 2019

Fayette County Public Schools educators, administrators, students and parents gathered at the Lexington Convention Center to receive the 2018-2019 annual report, equipped with statistics and achievements...

This years Editor-in-Chief with the three upcoming EICs.

Becoming Editor-in-Chief

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief May 30, 2019

When I received the call telling me that I was becoming one of the three upcoming Editors-in-Chief for the 2019-2020 school year, I was in a state of shock. I was on vacation with my family when decisions...

A screenshot from Shawn Mendes lyric video for his new single If I Cant Have You.

Heartthrob Shawn Mendes Releases New Single

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2019

Shawn Mendes’ new single has arrived and it’s another that will likely get stuck in your head. Mendes typically drops a new single around the summertime, making it a guaranteed hit. His upbeat...

Still Not Heard

Still Not Heard

Olivia Doyle and Reese Wheatley April 30, 2019

On April 18, we published “No Seat at the Roundtable,” in response to being denied entry into an open meeting with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in Lexington. In the words of some news organizations,...

Editors-in-Chief Abigail Wheatley and Olivia Doyle working on the editorial based on their experiences being turned away from an important event.

No Seat at the Roundtable

Olivia Doyle and Reese Wheatley April 18, 2019

When we, members of PLD Lamplighter’s Editorial Board, arrived at the Bluegrass Community Technical College Newtown Pike campus to cover the roundtable discussion on education hosted by Governor Matt...

Greta Thunberg at her march for climate change. The sign translates to school strike for the climate.

Teen Climate Activist Sparks Worldwide Movement

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief March 30, 2019

If awarded with this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for climate change activism, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden will be the youngest recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. She was nominated for sparking...

One of the Us movie posters adapted by one of our cartoonist.

Us Movie Review

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief March 25, 2019

Expectations ran high for director Jordan Peele’s new movie Us, which hit theaters on March 22. His 2017 breakout film Get Out had fans highly anticipating this new horror film. ‘US’ begins...

A St. Patricks Day hat animated by a staff member. It has a shamrock, a rainbow, and is mainly the color green.

Who was St. Patrick?

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief March 16, 2019

Shamrocks, parades, pinches, and a whole bunch of green, March 17 is held as a feast day and in observance of the death of St. Patrick.  Over the years, this holiday has evolved into a day full of celebration...

A teenager on the social media app Snapchat. He is searching through his recent notifications.

Pros and Cons of Social Media for Teens

March 19, 2019

A teenager on the social media app Snapchat. He is searching through his recent notifications.

Teachers hold up jazz hands after being instructed to not make any noise.

Still Fighting for a Voice

Olivia Doyle and Abigail Wheatley March 1, 2019

School was cancelled on Thursday, February 28, because according to FCPS, 40% of Fayette County teachers had unfilled absences. This “sick out” was in response to the discussion of House Bill...

PLD in Pictures: Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Staff Report December 19, 2018

Finals week isn't easy for students or teachers, so the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) committee hosted an ugly holiday sweater contest for faculty and staff on Dec. 19. Students...

The poster for Wont You Be My Neighbor?, the documentary coming out Feb. 9th.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Olivia Doyle, Public Relations Manager December 14, 2018

Growing up, I couldn’t tell you who Mr. Rogers was. I had heard the name before but had no idea who or what he had done. I never truly understood how special of a man he was until I attended a journalism...

Maggie Davis

Olivia Doyle, Staff Reporter February 23, 2018

After graduating in 2016, Maggie Davis said she questioned what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She entered the University of Kentucky as a Biology major on the premedical studies track, and...

Culinary Students Compete in Bulldog Top Chef

Culinary Students Compete in Bulldog Top Chef

Olivia Doyle, Staff Reporter October 26, 2017

The Bulldog Top Chef competition was hosted on Oct. 25 by Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Andrea Baker. "It was sort of like the show Chopped. We didn't know the recipe or the ingredients,...

Dunbar Volleyball Keeps Up Winning Streak

Dunbar Volleyball Keeps Up Winning Streak

Olivia Doyle, Staff Reporter October 9, 2017
Volleyball played Eastern on Oct. 4 and won 3-0.
Leaders in the Making Hosts Original Dunbar Alumni

Leaders in the Making Hosts Original Dunbar Alumni

Olivia Doyle, Staff Reporter September 29, 2017

In the era of segregated schools, Dunbar High School  was known as one of the main cornerstones of Lexington’s black community. Fayette County schools did not integrate until 1967, and that's when...

A Look Back at Homecoming Week

Olivia Doyle, Staff Reporter September 24, 2017

From the “prep rally” to the door decorations put up by teachers to the game and dance itself, homecoming is an important new part of Dunbar's student culture. The homecoming football game is a...

Volleyball Holds Winning Streak

Volleyball Holds Winning Streak

Olivia Doyle and Samantha Jones September 22, 2017
Dunbar volleyball beat Bryan Station on Sept. 21 with a score of 3-0.

A Look Into the 2017 Football Season

Samantha Jones and Olivia Doyle September 21, 2017

In cities and towns across America, the end of the week means lights shining down on the turf as students and parents alike cheer for their favorite players. Friday night lights are a pennant of high school...

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