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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Titans and Love

Welcome to the first in our new series: Anime Recs of the Month

Attack on Titan

I’ll start with one you may have already heard of called Attack on Titan. Let me preface this anime by saying it can get pretty graphic, so just keep that in mind. Nonetheless, AOT is awesome and a must-watch! It has adventure, fantasy, and action.

This plot-twist-filled anime revolves around titans– gigantic humanoids whose sole purpose is devouring people– and their history with humans.

The story begins with a tragic event in the hometown of Eren Jaeger– Shiganshina–and his best friends Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlelt. Eren witnesses a loved one being eaten by one of the Titans. This event triggers a certain rage in Eren, making him vow to exterminate all Titans.

With more motive than ever, Eren and his friends later enlist in the Cadet Corps– a military branch– to fight against the creatures that ruined their lives.

Throughout the trio’s journey, they encounter many people, friends, and even foes; it’s up to them to figure out who they can trust.

There are so many lovable characters, but on the same token, some that aren’t. Eren finds out he too has his own special abilities (you’ll have to tune in to find out what, exactly, they are).

Plot twist after plot twist, it’s revealed that– wait, before I spoil you, make sure you watch the anime to see how Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s lives changed. For the better, or the worse… Finally, let me just say that there is always something happening in AOT, and I’ve never felt bored while watching it.


Okay, maybe adventure and man-eating creatures are not for you…maybe they are! Anyway, Horimiya is such an amazing romantic comedy! If you’re not a fan of dramatic, graphic shows, then this slice-of-life anime is the right choice for you.

It follows the popular and straight-A student Hori Kyoko. Despite her beautiful looks, she is a completely different girl outside of school: hair up in a bun, dressed down, and looking after her younger brother. Hori does not want anyone from her school to see her like that.

But one day, she crosses paths with Izumi Miyamura, an introverted, nerdy boy in one of her classes. When she sees him, though, she realizes that he is nothing like how she thought him to be: with tattoos, piercings, and delinquent-like style.

Throughout the anime, Hori and Miyamura get to see how they both truly live their lives outside of school. They find out they each have more in common than they thought and agree to keep their second identities a secret from everyone.

Hori And Miyamura gradually grow romantic feelings for each other. To others, those two getting along would be the last thing on their minds.

Aside from the main love interests, there are many other side characters with their own stories! But I could not get enough of this anime! Watch Horimiya to find out how Hori and Miyamura’s breathtaking love story unfolds.

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