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Conversations with Mrs. Wendy Turner

Logan Justice, Public Relations Manager
December 15, 2020
A celebration of life service was held for Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk on December 12, 2020. His presence will be missed by all who knew and worked with him.

Farewell Partner

Annika Koch, Business Manager
December 12, 2020
For many students, online exams are easier than traditional pen-and-paper ones because they can use online resources.

COVID-19 Affects Final Exams

Emma Daman, Staff Reporter
December 11, 2020
Students are dealing not only with COVID, but also with family members who contract the virus.

COVID-19 Affects Students and Families

Emily Parks, Staff Reporter
November 30, 2020
“I’ve been playing the violin since I was nine years old,

Humans of Dunbar

November 23, 2020
My major project for this semester was orchestrating a Global Impact Weekend for the congregation and community. These prayer resources were given to every attendee. They included all global partners and international workers of the church.

Experiential Learning Programs at Dunbar

Annika Koch, Business Manager
November 16, 2020
Dunbar's school psychologist, Mr. Patrick Ballard, gives insight on what students can do at home to stay mentally and emotionally healthy during quarantine.

A Chat with our School Psychologist

Wenbo Fan, Staff Reporter
November 12, 2020
Some studies link social isolation with reduced cognitive function, leading teachers and mental health professionals to worry about the affects of COVID-19 quarantines on students' emotional and mental wellness.

Mental Health Looks Different in Online School

Max He, Staff Reporter
November 6, 2020
Fan Zhang uses medical equipment like this at work every day

Living Through Two Epidemics

Wenbo Fan, Staff Reporter
November 5, 2020
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