Dunbar Drama Presents Beauty And The Beast, Jr.

PLD’s Musical Theater class presented the play Dec. 7-9.

Beauty and the Beast, Jr. was presented to several area elementary and middle schools during the day on Dec. 7-8. They also had evening performances and a matinee on Saturday. Belle was played by senior Jamie Bradley and Katy Rucker, Beast was played by senior Timothy Felker, Gaston was played by senior Kaden Gaylord, and Mrs. Potts was played by seniors Mackenzie McConnell and Rachel Wagers. The play was directed by Mrs. Brooke Jackson.

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  • The Enchantress (Bristol Vickers) places a curse on the Beast (Timothy Felker).

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) singing a solo.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) walks through the town while reading a book.

  • The Beast (Timothy Felker) approaches Lumiere (Daniel Clark) and Cogsworth (Aiidan Johnson).

  • Cogsworth (Aiiden Johnson) and Lumiere (Daniel Clark) guard the castle.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) performing a sad solo after being imprisoned by the Beast.

  • Mrs. Potts (Mackenzie McConnell) and her child Chip (Hadley Roach) go to see the castle’s intruder, Belle.

  • Gaston (Kaden Gaylord) performing a solo.

  • The bookseller (Alfonso Solaris) and milkmaid (Danny Miller) lift Gaston (Kaden Gaylord) as they sing a song praising him.

  • Gaston (Kaden Gaylord) flexes for the townspeople.

  • Gaston (Kaden Gaylord) shows off for the crowd.

  • Abbey Kelley, Hannah Tucker, and Brionda Johnson present Belle to the audience.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) talks to Chip (Hadley Roach) and Mrs. Potts (Mackenzie McConnell).

  • Lumiere (Daniel Clark) picks up Belle (Katy Rucker) at the finale of “Be Our Guest”.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) watches as the utensils sing “Be Our Guest”.

  • Abbey Kelley, Madeline May, Gabbi Freeman, and Brionda Johnson enacting a kick line.

  • The Beast (Timothy Felker) surprises Belle (Katy Rucker) with a library of books.

  • The forbidden rose locked safely away in the west wing.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) cleans the Beast’s (Timothy Felker) wounds after he saved her from the wolves.

  • Hannah Tucker and Kayla Wall narrate the upcoming scene to the audience.

  • The townspeople raise weapons preparing to charge into the Beast’s castle.

  • Babette (Maya Anjur) runs to meet one of the attackers charging into the castle.

  • Gaston (Kaden Gaylord) stabs the Beast (Timothy Felker).

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) guards the Beast (Timothy Felker) after he’s been stabbed.

  • The Enchantress (Bristol Vickers) relinquishes the curse on the Beast.

  • The Enchantress (Bristol Vickers) performing a magical spell that saves the Beast.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) and the Beast (Timothy Felker) unite after the curse is lifted.

  • Belle (Katy Rucker) and the Beast (Timothy Felker) dance to the song “Beauty and the Beast”.

  • Angela Fu, Hannah Tucker, Kayla Wall, and Jessica Smoot raise their arms for applause.

  • Rachael Prewitt, Hadley Roach, and Maya Anjur raise their arms as the audience claps for them.

  • The cast bows as the audience claps for them.