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Olivia Doyle
My name is Olivia Doyle. This is my third year on staff and I am one of three Editors-in-Chief for Lamplighter. Last year, I was the Public Relations Manager and took over as Editor-in-Chief for the second semester.

I am a senior this year and plan on majoring in Broadcasting with a concentration in multimedia journalism. Journalism is my passion, so spending my life following my passion sounds pretty wonderful to me.

The most exciting thing I have done while on staff was getting nationally recognized by The Washington Post, CNN, and The Courier-Journal, to name a few, for an editorial called No Seat at the Roundtable. It also received a Best of SNO award.

I hope you enjoy all of the things Lamplighter does this year, and I am so excited to share our work with you!

Olivia Doyle, Editor-in-Chief

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