Volleyball Holds Winning Streak

Dunbar volleyball beat Bryan Station on Sept. 21 with a score of 3-0.

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  • The team huddles together to encourage each other before the game begins.

  • #14 Sophomore Eleanor Davis leaps up, attempting to return the ball across the net.

  • #2 Sophomore Lauren Spanyer reaches out a hand in support to #5 Senior Allie Chapman.

  • #13 Senior Virginia Smith jumps up to swing the ball.

  • The ball flies over the net, out of reach of the Dunbar players making it out of bounds.

  • #10 Sophomore Peyton Gash sets up to swing the ball over the net.

  • #14 Sophomore Eleanor Davis and #10 Sophomore Peyton Gash put up a strong block.

  • Dunbar volleyball players watch as their teammates perform a strong game against Bryan Station.

  • #11 Savannah Dudek prepares to serve the ball as #8 Olivia Stotz misses the ball flying overhead.

  • #3 Freshman Caroline Cole reaches for the ball as it falls to the ground.

  • #1 Sophomore Jane Durbin launches the ball across the net.

  • Freshman Kaetlin Ethington receives high-fives by her teammates to get hyped for the game.

  • #12 Junior Meredith Phillips delivering a solid serve.

  • #5 Senior Allie Chapman launches the ball back over the net.

  • #6 Senior Macy Jundi and #14 Sophomore Eleanor Davis block the oncoming volleyball.