Welcome to Advice for LIVing

A super cheesy, weekly column for students on how to live a more positive and happy life

First, let me explain the pun in the title. My name is Olivia, and this is my advice column on how to live a happy life. Get it? O-Liv-ia?

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dig in: Navigating high school can be difficult so it’s easy to let it overwhelm you with hormones, young love, friendships, stress, and a plethora of both physical and mental changes.

With that, negativity is bound to happen. There is so much pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, and do certain things. Right?

In this weekly column, I will be answering questions, sharing stories and uplifting quotes and pictures, and hopefully putting a smile on your face.

Liv’s Recipe for Positivity

You will need:

-A heaping helping of kindness

-A few dashes of gratitude 

-A dollop of acceptance 

-A sprinkling of self-love

-An abundance of compassion

-And 1 large smile

Having a positive attitude can be difficult, even for the most optimistic person, but trying to incorporate a little more kindness, gratitude, acceptance, self-love, compassion, and smiles into your day can make a difference in your outlook. 

You’ll feel better and possibly make someone else feel better.

Positivity and happiness are contagious. I mean, if you look at or talk to someone smiling and happy, how could you not feel better?

Starting this week, I’ll be taking advice requests. Email me at [email protected]. I will not print real names, and the information you share will not be shared with others.

Don’t forget to smile today!