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Winston Abedi

Winston Abedi, Staff Reporter

My name is Winston Abedi, I'm a sophomore at Paul Laurence Dunbar and this is my first year participating in Lamplighter.

I'm looking forward to contributing to Lamplighter where I can express myself through my writing. I have become very comfortable with writing recently which is why I enjoy it so much. I hope to write great articles that will hopefully influence others to begin writing.

I love to play Hockey and Ski. I have played Hockey for a few years now and I truly love it. I also love to Ski because of how free and peaceful I feel when going down the slopes. The cold air rushing back in your face is an amazing feeling.

I also love to play chess. Chess provides a challenge for me which I prefer over other board games Like Monopoly. The strategy involved really separates it from all the other games which are why I love them.

In the future, I hope to write many articles that you will all enjoy.


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