Softball Shuts Out Lexington Christian

The Bulldogs beat the Eagles 7-0 on Tuesday night.

The Dunbar Softball team faced LCA at home on April 16 keeping them scoreless while bringing in 7 runs.

After coming off a tough loss to Tates Creek, 9-7, this should give the Bulldogs momentum for the rest of the season.

This puts Dunbar at 7-2 on the season with a 3-1 win record in districts. They have proved to be dominant at home with a 6-1 record and a 1-1 record away.

They have a .778 win percentage, 1 game win streak and a 17 RA. The teams’ respective record puts them at 36th overall in the state.

#11 Olivia Judy was first up to hit and made it to first with a line drive. Soon after #9 Yanna Marrow hit a single to bring in #11 Judy to start the teams scoring.

Later in the game, #6 Bailey Conley extended the team’s lead and confidence with a big home run. This propelled the team to a 2-run lead, from then on they owned the game with their most amount of runs coming in the 4th inning with 3.

The Bulldogs had 15 hits in total and only 1 error while Lexington Christian only had 3 hits and 4 errors.

The Bulldogs showed their dominance and efficiency on both sides of the ball.

#10 Melisa Nelson was efficient at the mound and only gave up 3 hits while striking out many of the opposing hitters.

With only 1 error, the defense was on their game, not even letting them get to 1st before getting them out. On the other side, the offense hit the ball almost every time at bat. Not every hit was hard and high but well placed to give them time to get on base.

Next game is April 18 vs Boyle County on their home pitch. The Bulldogs are looking to come out with a 2 game win streak.

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  • The Bulldogs rallying at home plate after #6 Bailey Conley hit a home run

  • First base Coach Shelby Shanks advising #4 Kennedy Messer.

  • #22 Erica Vain making contact with the ball.

  • #22 Erica Vain about to make contact with the ball.

  • #10 Melisa Nelson winding up her pitch.

  • #6 Bailey Conley hits a homerun after getting a fastball pitched to her by the opposing teams pitcher.

  • #10 Melisa Nelson pitches with a 3-2 count to try and strike the opposing batter out.

  • #42 Caroline Schweighardt waiting on the pitcher to get a lead off of first base.

  • #9 Yanna Marrow preparing for the pitch.

  • #6 Bailey Conley about to round second base after hitting a homerun.