Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Abigail Hendren

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief

Abigail is a Senior at Dunbar who serves as the WPLD Lamplighter Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook Editor, and Senior class Historian-- but she mostly just cares about her dogs.

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Abigail Hendren

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief May 30, 2018

So, I really procrastinated writing this article. I honestly think I’ve been dreading it since the day that we published last year’s Editors-in-Chief farewell. And this entire year, I haven’t been...


Episode 2: Finstas

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2018

Episode 1: The Juul Epidemic

Episode 1: The Juul Epidemic

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2018  

Dunbar teachers pose for a group photo.

Passage of Last Minute Pension Bill Angers Teachers

Abigail Hendren and Cristina Thorson March 31, 2018

Early Thursday evening, a special session was called to vote on the newest version of the proposed pension reform, Senate Bill 151. The unplanned session was met with outrage by Kentucky educators...

Dunbar Teachers Walk-In to Protest SB1

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2018

  Early March 15, public school teachers around the state gathered in freezing cold temperatures to protest ongoing issues with adequate funding for public pensions. At Dunbar, nearly 40 teachers...

Dunbar Students March for Their Lives

Abigail Hendren and Julia Radhakrishnan March 14, 2018

On March 14, schools and other organizations around the nation participated in the March for our Lives walkout to protest congressional inaction on issues of violence, particularly in schools. Dunbar’s...

Adding Weapons Will Not Reduce Violence

Adding Weapons Will Not Reduce Violence

Since the lives of 17 students and faculty were taken at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, people have been calling for a change. Teenagers, in particular, have taken a stand and...

Increased Safety Measures in Place at Dunbar

Increased Safety Measures in Place at Dunbar

Abigail Hendren and Cristina Thorson February 22, 2018

In light of recent instances of violence in schools, there has been an increased focus on school safety. Although Dunbar currently has safety measures in place, the administration has initiated additional...

Student Parking Frustrations

Student Parking Frustrations

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief February 12, 2018

It was a quiet, calm morning at Dunbar High School until an announcement was made that the school was towing cars parked in unauthorized parking or without a parking permit. The result was a surge of students,...

Accident Triggered Lockdown at Dunbar

Accident Triggered Lockdown at Dunbar

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief February 2, 2018

On Feb. 2 around 1:40 p.m. students and staff were directed into lockdown mode. Students have been directed to perform lockdown drills many times, and they know what to do: go to a designated spot in...

A Pension is a Promise

Abigail Hendren and Julia Radhakrishnan November 30, 2017

After paying a consulting firm a sum of $556,300, Governor Matt Bevin presented a 505 page bill he dubbed “Keeping a Promise,” to make significant changes to the pension system in order to pay back...

Unfounded Violence Rumors Circulate Throughout Dunbar

Unfounded Violence Rumors Circulate Throughout Dunbar

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2017

Today at Dunbar, many students viewed tweets about potential violence at school. Some even called home and asked to be checked out of school. Thanks to the far-reaching effects of social media, rumors...

Whats going on with DACA?

What’s going on with DACA?

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2017

On June 15, 2012 then-President Barack Obama appeared in the White House rose garden to announce that he would be taking an executive action to mend our country’s immigration policy. Specifically concerning...

Dunbar student voice team member Jenna McCauley speaking from a students perspective to rally support for the anti-gun violence cause.

Dunbar Student Speaks At National Gun Violence Awareness Day 2017

Abigail Hendren, Editor-in-Chief June 3, 2017

June 2 marked National Gun Violence Awareness day. National landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls, as well as the Double Helix in the Lexington Public Library parking garage,...

Positivity Challenges Promote Kindness

Abigail Hendren, Staff Reporter March 31, 2017

According to a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, people’s daily experiences of positive emotions compound over time to build better partnerships and a better community. Following...

PLD Pep Rally on March 3

Abigail Hendren, Abby Wheatley, and Remy Milburn March 6, 2017
On March 3, during fourth block the bulldogs hosted a school wide lip dub followed by a pep rally.

Dunbar Students Participating in Prom Dress Drive

Abigail Hendren, Staff Reporter March 4, 2017

Because she believes that no one should have to forfeit prom due to financial reasons, Lafayette High School junior Rachael Bishop, contacted multiple representatives at schools in Lexington to help...

Leadership Lexington Youth Program Open for Sophomores

Julia Radhakrishnan, Staff Reporter February 28, 2017

The Leadership Lexington Youth Program is a year-long program for high school juniors from Lexington. The program was created by Commerce Lexington with the mission “to prepare diverse individuals for...

AP Exam Registration is Open

Julia Radhakrishnan and Eli Blevins February 20, 2017

Registration for AP exams opened on Feb. 13, and students can register and pay the $93 fee online through a link on the PLD home page. While KRS 160.348(3) requires costs of the AP exams to be paid...

Remembering Paul Laurence Dunbar’s Legacy

Julia Radhakrishnan, Staff Reporter February 9, 2017

Paul Laurence Dunbar is remembered as “one of the first influential black poets in American literature,” according to The Poetry Foundation. As a result, there are several streets and schools across...

Dunbar Student Voices: Teens and Gun Violence

Abigail Hendren and Santiago Duque January 31, 2017

The Student Voice Team includes students from a wide variety of backgrounds who work together and with the Dunbar faculty and staff to create a better school community. Another aspect of their work is...

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

Abigail Hendren, Staff Reporter January 20, 2017

The late and great Alan Rickman, also commonly known as Professor Severus Snape, left us much too soon, shortly following Bowie on Jan. 14. The legend passed at age 69 from terminal pancreatic cancer,...

Best Study Tips for the Final Exam Frenzy

Deebha Adhikari, Staff Reporter December 6, 2016

Despite teachers and parents continually advising their students and children against procrastination and encouraging a good night’s sleep, many high school students find themselves up through midnight...

The boys cross the field to lead the crowd in singing the Dunbar Fight song after a sweet win.

Boys Soccer Regional Championship

and Abigail Hendren October 25, 2016
Boys soccer played a winning regionals game against Woodford County High School, with a score of 1-0.
Game of Thrones Predictions

Game of Thrones Predictions

Matt Jones and Abigail Hendren October 3, 2016

Another explosive season of Game of Thrones has come and gone. The last episode alone left behind tremendous repercussions. Beware, there are spoilers ahead. Let’s take a look at what happened...

Leaves are beginning to take on the red and orange colors as we head into the Fall season.

What You Need to Know About Fall Trends in 2016

Abigail Hendren, Staff Reporter September 19, 2016

As the leaves start to change color, we begin to see new trends come to the fore. Each new season brings new jobs, music, fashion trends, activities and foods to try. For those of you that may not be...

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