Best Study Tips for the Final Exam Frenzy

You think you know how to study? Think again. Staff Reporters bust some commonly held study myths!

Despite teachers and parents continually advising their students and children against procrastination and encouraging a good night’s sleep, many high school students find themselves up through midnight the night before the final. Late night studying is not a very effective tactic to overcome the nerve-wracking final, especially for core classes. However, there are many other ways to study.

This may be an obvious one, but one of the best ways to study is by using the study guides handed out by teachers. Even though they may not be counted toward your grade, the extra practice is sure to improve your scores. If your teacher doesn’t hand out study guides, you may be able to find one online or create one for yourself using your textbook.

Beat procrastination! It may be difficult, but set goals for yourself while studying. If you have to read 10 chapters of your textbook, make it a goal to treat yourself afterwards. Being and staying motivated is always important.

In addition to setting goals, find a quiet area to focus on studying. Technology is usually the leading factor for distraction. As difficult as it may sound, try to keep technology out of the way. Turn your electronics completely off and place them out of reach. There’s a good chance that your laziness will beat your boredom, which will prevent you from getting up to get your phone.

Getting together with a couple of friends and meeting up in a quiet area is a good strategy. Group studying allows everyone to share their knowledge out loud and gaining insight on other people’s point of view promotes healthy communication.

“Study groups always help me,” said senior Sarah Allen.

Pacing yourself is also another effective strategy.

“A great way to study for finals is to use flashcards,” said senior Lizeth Alonso.

Studying a few flashcards every night, doing a few problems or reviewing a section of notes each night will commit the short-term information to long-term memory.

This way, if you start studying a couple of days before finals, then you will be prepared for when test day finally arrives. It also makes studying a lot easier, because you can focus for a half an hour or so and then take breaks to ease your brain.

Always be prepared. Studying really hard for a math test but then forgetting your calculator the next day will not decrease your stress level. Make sure to bring paper, pencils, erasers and other basic materials to ensure that you will be exerting your full potential when you take a test.

At first glance, studying might seem difficult and time-consuming but, it will be worth it when you see those high marks on your final. Not only will you impress yourselves, but you will impress your parents. In the end, hard work pays off and is always rewarding.