Positivity Challenges Promote Kindness

Studies show that positive thinking can make people happier, healthier, and more productive.

According to a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, people’s daily experiences of positive emotions compound over time to build better partnerships and a better community.

Following this idea, teachers and students at Dunbar have made concerted efforts to increase positive interactions with one another. One of the newest is “The Kindness Project” envisioned by Mr. Greg Adams’ speech classes, and implemented by Dunbar’s Outreach Club.

On the bulletin board outside Mr. Adams’ room (100), students can use post-it notes to write tasks that encourage positive actions and promote kindness such as “Tell a teacher thank-you,” or “Throw away trash you see on the floor.”

One side of the board is labeled “Give One” and the other side is “Take One.” Students can either give a suggestion or take a suggestion to perform.

Junior Nicole Massarone, one of Mr. Adams’ students, has been instrumental in the organization of this project. She has been a key component in adding notes to the board herself, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

“We really just hope to achieve showing people that kindness is really cool, and that it comes more naturally than you’d think.”

Teachers are also taking steps to keep positivity going at PLD.

In the English department, teachers are taking part in a 30 day “Happy Teacher” challenge organized by Mrs. Kari Long.

“It’s just a stressful time of year with so many papers coming in,” said Mrs. Long. “It’s been a long time since we had a break, so it’s something to help us kind of focus on the positivity in the school for both the students and the teachers.”

The chart includes daily suggestions for teachers to complete such as, “Pull a student aside to tell them how much they’ve improved or how proud you are of them,” and “Compliment another teacher on how they have done well for their students in the school.”

Smaller projects at Dunbar, like the post-its notes project, have also helped create positivity. Multiple anonymous groups such as PLD pastels, (@pldpastels on Instagram) and Dunbar Girl’s post-it’s (@dunbar_post_its) have been posting encouraging notes of positivity on bathroom mirrors and on the walls of the school.

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  • Lamplighter Editor-in-Chief, senior Brooke Bledsoe showcases her growing checklist on her Staff Positivity Challenge.

  • Lamplighter Social Media Editor, senior Courtney Brewer is seen with her paper almost completely full in time for the Staff Positivity party on March 30.

  • Mrs. Amber Faris is one of the English Department teachers participating in the 30-Day Happy Teacher challenge.

  • As a class activity, the messages were written in French and then translated below.

  • Radio Editor, junior Caroline Puckett, is one of the staff members that have progressed the farthest on her positivity chart.

  • Mrs. Wendy Turner, Lamplighter adviser, displays her 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge paper. The inspiration for the Lamplighter Staff Positivity Challenge came from the very same project.

  • Mrs. Colleen Burns paper shows her steady progress to the full completion of her Happy Teacher Challenge.

  • Mr. Daniel Janbakhsh will be one of many teachers who at the end of the month will win prizes for how much they have completed on their charts.

  • Mrs. Cynthia Jones smiles at the camera with her Happy Teacher challenge.

  • Mr. Eddie Mullins shares his 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge.

  • A pictures of the adorable blue alien from the Disney Channel show, Lilo and Stitch, was sketched out beside his famous saying and remains in the halls by the math department.

  • A famous line from the Disney Channel show, Lilo and Stitch, was scripted out using only post-it notes.