Dunbar Student Speaks At National Gun Violence Awareness Day 2017

Lexington’s chapter of Moms Demand Action held an event on June 2 outside Mayor Jim Grey’s office.

June 2 marked National Gun Violence Awareness day. National landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls, as well as the Double Helix in the Lexington Public Library parking garage, and fountains in Triangle Park, were lit orange in support of the “Wear Orange” campaign.

This year is the first observation in Lexington in conjunction with members from the national advocacy group, Mom’s Demand Action. 

Local event coordinator, Carolyn DuPont, said that she began the event to not only honor those lost in the community this year due to gun violence, but also to speak out on the issue of reckless gun use.

“We wouldn’t be doing any justice to the memory of these people that we lost, or to the grief of the survivors if we stopped with simply remembering and acknowledging,” she said. “We want to go further, and we want to say that we know that these deaths were not inevitable.”

Mrs. DuPont was followed by Mayor Jim Gray who spoke on the importance of recognizing how gun violence has affected our community. He issued a proclamation that read “I, Jim Gray, as Mayor of Lexington, as both a supporter of second amendment rights and as a Mayor who recognizes the need to end Gun Violence on our streets, through common sense measures, like improving gun safety measures, and closing loopholes in criminal background checks, do hereby declare June 2, 2017, as National Gun Violence Awareness day in Lexington in honor of those who have lost their lives to gun violence.”

Perspectives were also shared by the Lexington Chief of Police, mothers who lost their children due to gun violence, and a student from the community.

The student, rising Dunbar sophomore Jenna McCauley, shared her concerns.

“I wish to live in a world where people aren’t losing their lives to senseless gun violence,” she said.

McCauley, a member of Dunbar’s student voice team, helped with the We are the Change rally held at Dunbar. At that event, members of the community came together to support each other after the death of Trinity Gay.