AP Exam Registration is Open

Registration for AP exams closes on March 3. The exams are held from May 1-12.

Registration for AP exams opened on Feb. 13, and students can register and pay the $93 fee online through a link on the PLD home page.

While KRS 160.348(3) requires costs of the AP exams to be paid by the KDE, state funding has not been available, so only students who qualify for free and reduced lunch will have their fees waived.

According to Mrs. Kelly Krusich, there’s a question on the Total Registrations site that asks if you qualify for financial assistance. “You need to select that you do and it will put you in my queue to double check and make sure that you qualify for free and reduced lunch,” she said.

Students can still sign up for an exam after March 3, however, a $20 late fee will be charged for each exam. Exams registered after March 17 will incur a $55 late fee in addition to the $20 fee. April 14 is the last day to register for an exam.

Pre-administration sessions will be held between April 18-20. These sessions enable guidance counselors to meet with groups of students grouped by grade level and last name to fill out their answer booklets and answer sheets for the tests ahead of time.

“It helps us get organized before the tests are given,” said Mrs. Krusich.

Any student wishing to cancel an exam must do so by April 28. Students who cancel an exam before this date will receive a refund, but there is a $25 cancellation fee per exam. Exams cannot be cancelled after April 28.

Junior Sahar Mohammadzadeh is taking five AP exams this year.

“It’ll make you look competitive toward colleges,” said Mohammadzadeh. “If you want to stay in state it could save you a lot of money in the long run.”

Mrs. Beth Fain teaches AP Psychology and AP Government and Politics at Dunbar. She encourages her students to take the exams because earning a passing score can result in college cr

Addie Brown
AP Review books are a great way to prepare and brush up on all content learned within your AP classes over the past year. A highly recommended one is the Princeton Review which is available for all AP classes.


“Typically, most of these are going to get you out of core requirements so that you are able to get into the classes that you want to take faster,” said Mrs. Fain. “Different colleges accept different levels so make sure that you check and see for the colleges that you are interested in.”

Mrs. Fain also shared some study tips to help students score well on the AP exam.

“I always recommend the Princeton Review. There are plenty of review resources online that are free online though,” said Mrs. Fain. “A good google search will come up with practice materials.”

The exams take place at the Lexington Ice Center from May 1-12. More information can be found at the CollegeBoard.