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Savanna Montgomery
My name is Savanna Montgomery and I have been interested in journalism since elementary school. I've been writing since I could remember, I've made it like a safe place for me to be myself and to write what's on my mind. I joined Lamplighter hoping to write and be apart of the writing team but then was greeted with the opportunity of becoming Photo Editor.

As I enter my second year on the Lamplighter Staff, I will have transitioned into becoming Copy Editor. I hope to bring new ideas and help the development of new stories unfold. Since writing has always been a passion of mine, I hope to achieve great things as Copy Editor.

I am a senior at PLD and I am involved with writing activities and performing arts. I plan to major in Media and Communications, and I'm hoping that this new experience a as copy editor will help strengthen and help me better my leadership skills.

I love performing arts and I have been obsessed with musicals for the longest time. Performing to me is also like a refuge and a safe place. I have made many friends through acting, and its a bond that I hope to make while being on Ed Board.

I hope I can surprise you this year with what is to come in Lamplighter.

Savanna Montgomery, Copy Editor

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