Dunbar Football Ends an Impressive Season

It was the first winning season in 15 years.

The 2019 Dunbar Football season was in many ways different than previous years. 

By the end of the season, Coach Wes Johnson said that in the second year of the team that everyone was more comfortable in what they were doing.

“The guys just really have a desire to win,” he said.

Coach Johnson said that their success was a motivator because they wanted the first team to have a winning season since 2005.

“I think they just really wanted to be the best version of Dunbar that they could be.”

Going into the Tates Creek game on Nov. 15, Coach Johnson said that he felt like the players were excited to prove that their previous match-up was not indicative of what they would achieve.

Unfortunately, the team did not defeat the Commodores, so the Bulldogs did not move forward. However, being one of the 16 teams left in 6A was impressive.

As for the overall season, Coach Johnson said that he and the team appreciated all the school and community support. 

“We have the best support here, and the best student body,” he said.