Searching for the Perfect Prom Dress

Staff Reporter Savanna Montgomery reviews her experience at Geno’s.

Geno’s Formal Affair is a prom dress and tuxedo retail store with two locations in Lexington. One is located on Southland Drive and another is on Richmond Road. Anyone can purchase a dress or rent a tux for their school’s prom. The attire can be pricey, which is why I was in search of the perfect prom dress at an affordable price.

Courtesy of Savanna Montgomery
Savanna found her almost perfect dress at Geno’s. With a little alteration it became a perfect fit!

Geno’s staff was helpful, but since there were a handful of other girls shopping for their “perfect” dress, in a small space, it was difficult to have their full attention. I tried on about six dresses ranging in sizes.

When I finally found my perfect dress, it wouldn’t zip up about an inch. The staff assured me that if we called in the next day, that same dress a size up it could be ordered to the store within a week.

After looking in the mirror one last time at that beautiful ice blue dress, I took it off and made a plan to order this dress. About a week later my mother called the store to order the dress, however, it was out of stock.

Though I was devastated, I kept searching for a different dress.

All of the dresses in larger sizes were out of stock. No one had bought them; they just didn’t have any made. About a month later, I returned to Geno’s looking for another dress, I noticed how the dresses in the store still were mainly stocked in smaller sizes.

When it came to larger dress sizes, there were only a few on a separate rack. I ended up trying on a similar dress. It was ice blue with gemstones all across the top, it was perfect. The only problem was the one inch that wouldn’t zip.

I really wanted that dress, but it occurred to me that any other dress that I’d try on would have a risk of not fitting.

This is the problem with Geno’s. They only carry certain sizes in store.

In the end, I bought the second dress. We took it to my grandmother in Owensboro, who was a seamstress for Abington. She helped stitch a piece of fabric behind the zipper making it the perfect fit.

All in all, my experience was great. The girls working at the store were really nice. I even received a letter from one of them. I love my dress, and I’m excited about prom!