Houston v. Army

On Dec. 22nd Houston played Army. The game ended with the Black Knights crushing the Cougars 70-14. The passing leaders were #13 Clayton Tune for Houston, going 21/32 for 230 yards and one touchdown, and #8 Kelvin Hopkins Jr. for Army, going 3/3 for 70 yards. The rushing leaders were #21 Patrick Carr for Houston, with 9 carries for 52 yards, and #8 Kelvin Hopkins Jr. for Army, with 11 carries for 170 yards with five touchdowns. The receiving leaders were #5 Marquez Stevenson for Houston, with 8 receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown, and #82 Kjetil Cline for Florida State, with one reception for 54 yards. The definitive leaders were #8 Emeke Egbule for Houston, with 6 solo and 2 assisted tackles, and #19 James Nachtigal for Army, with 11 solo and 5 assisted tackles.     


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