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Eleanor Davis
I'm Eleanor Davis and I am a Senior at Dunbar. This year marks my third year on staff and I am fortunate enough to be one of the Editors-in-Chief for Lamplighter. Last year, I was the Human Resources Editor. Not only did I learn important leadership skills that I plan on implementing this year, but I was also able to practice my writing skills and produce many different articles and blogs.

As an editor, I plan on making our staff an efficient, effective journalism program. My main goal is to make Lamplighter even more of a force than it already is. I hope that this is evident by us winning competitions and making our voice known.

Outside of Lamplighter, I am a 4-time varsity volleyball player, student class president, and an active member in both beta club and student voice team. I love to go to the movies and spending time with my family is the best!

I can't wait for you to see what content I produce this year! Please continue browsing our website and Live, Love, Lamplighter!

Eleanor Davis, Editor-in-Chief

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