Bulldogs Triumph Against Knights

Dunbar Boys’ Soccer won 2-1 against Lexington Catholic on Sept. 14.

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  • #3 Kobie Irish is able to keep the ball in play even with heavy defense from Catholic.

  • #15 Cresceino Torres aggressively takes the ball away from a Lexington Catholic player.

  • Junior Andrew Pascal dribbles the ball down the field to pass to his teammates.

  • Crescenio Torres, Sullivan Curd, Eddy Andrade (left to right) move the ball down the field to attempt a goal.

  • Senior Kobie Irish soars high to get a header.

  • #19 Junior Pedro Jiminez soars through the air before kicking the ball.

  • #17 Sophomore Pablo Ortiz and #19 Junior Pedro Jimenez share an encouraging hand shake.

  • Dunbar player is able to find a way through Catholic’s defense.

  • Senior Sullivan Curd hustles to get the ball from Catholic’s players.

  • Goalie #1 Senior Josh Szydlik getting ready to throw the ball back into the game.

  • #5 Jackson Akins rushes forward with the ball.

  • #9 Sophomore Ben Oser is surrounded by Lexington Catholic players, yet still has control of the ball.

  • #11 Senior Sullivan Curd manages to kick the ball past a defensive Lexington Catholic player.

  • Dunbar players are excited after they score their first goal.

  • #5 Jackson Akins throws in the ball for the bulldogs.

  • #5 Senior Jackson Akins prepares to kick the ball away from a Lexington Catholic player.

  • #7 Junior Eddy Andrade moving the ball down the field.

  • #15 Junior Crescenio Torres moves the ball into the goal.

  • #3 Senior Kobie Irish dribbles the ball down the field.

  • #7 Junior Eddy Andrade kicks the ball forward as the referee closely watches.

  • The boys form a huddle congratulating each other on their hard work during the game.