Blog: What the Heck?

My new biggest regret in life is that I haven’t eaten a recording breaking meal.


The charcuterie board at the Foodscape conference in Chicago.

I love charcuterie boards. All of the meat, cheese, fruit, and even the word itself makes me feel so lavish and elegant. That is why I would have given anything to eat this record breaking charcuterie board.

Datassential, one of the food industry’s leading market research firms, and Boar’s Head set up the 335-pound wooden board at a conference in Chicago. Being 150.6 ft. long and covered in 400 pounds of meat and cheeses, it ended up breaking a Guinness World Record. 

The conference where it was assembled also showcased other trendsetting dishes like scorpions yummy enough to eat and cocktails filled with algae.

The theme for this event was globalism, how different kinds of food can bring people from all cultures together. Once people made their plates, they were encouraged to sit down to eat and share their experiences, food related or not, with others.

This is the definition of foodie Heaven. Not only would you get to brag to your friends that you were part of a Guinness World Record, but you would also get to enjoy a delicious appetizer that had a variety of food and people.