Celebrating the Women in My Life

International Women’s Day is when we all can celebrate the remarkable women who have impacted our lives. This includes the women sitting at our kitchen table.

Every time my grandparents come over, the same thing happens. My grandpa, better known as Poppy, goes to the TV and watches the news or the history channel, and my mom, sister, and grandma (aka Namoo) all end up sitting around our kitchen counter.

It is nothing super dramatic, we just sit around with diet cokes and different cheese dips and simply catch up. “What are you doing this weekend? How is school? Are you going to bridge club this week?”

This interaction used to not be so important to me. It was just something I did to spend time with my family. However, on International Women’s Day, I think about how these women are so important to me, and how lucky I am.

My sister:

My sister is four years older than me and is a junior in college. We have always been close, sharing clothes and secrets, always being there for each other. Maggie was also in Lamplighter  when she was in high school. She was a student journalist stud, and was even Editor-In-Chief her senior year. She was the one who really pushed me to join Lamplighter, without her I probably never would have joined.

My mom:

To be honest, my mom’s nagging can feel like a little much, but she’s  usually right about everything. I probably should brush my hair a little better and pick up my dirty clothes a little more often. As she likes to say, she is “molding me into a nice young lady.”

I have admired my mom since I was a little girl, but I have never been more grateful for her than in recent years. She has gotten me through the emotional roller coaster that is High School, while also taking care of the rest of my family. We always joke around when she does something small for us and ask “what would we do without you?” but this is a legitimate question. I have no idea what I would do without my mom. She is truly the best, and most influential woman in my life.