Bulldogs Lose Close Game Against The Defenders

Dunbar football lost to Bryan Station on Oct. 20 with a score of 18-20.

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  • The Dunbar bulldogs perform a group tackle.

  • A Bryan Station player tugs on #38 Senior Marshall Nelson.

  • #62 Senior Trace Lane prepares to snap the ball.

  • #28 Sophomore Jason O’Hara punts the football.

  • Coach gives #2 Tanner Wiley instructions on the play.

  • #2 Tanner Wiley attempts to push down an opposing player.

  • #26 Howard races forward with the football to dodge opposing players.

  • #27 Junior Alex Bard raises his fist in a celebratory manner after a touch down is made.

  • The boys gather on the field for advice during a time out.

  • Mitchell Joseph prepares to throw the ball to a teammate.

  • An opposing player leaps over #17 Sophomore Tyler Johnson to grab the football.

  • #21 Chiani Russell in possession of the football.

  • The boys huddle together to receive instructions on their next play.

  • #38 Marshall Nelson blocks opposing players so #26 Howard can take the ball down the field.

  • #38 Marshall Nelson is given instructions by Coach Jimmy Le on the upcoming play.

  • #13 Dre charges down the field with opposing players following close behind.

  • #18 Sophomore Jamarcus Robinson dodging Defenders after a catch.

  • #18 Jamarcus Robinson pulling defenders after his reception.

  • Bulldogs line up on the line of scrimmage against the Defenders.

  • #26 Howard takes a hand off from #7 Junior Tanner Cox.

  • #18 Jamarcus Robinson goes up against an opposing player in an attempt to block him.

  • A group of Bulldogs tackle the ball carrier.