Blog: My Weekly ‘What the Heck?’

Each week I’ll give you my opinion about all of the crazy things we read in the news.


The news is everywhere: on our TV’s, our laptops, our computers, our phones. It is one of the most accessible things in our life.

The question is how much do we actually read it? And when we do, do we actually enjoy it or do we suffer through the maze of depressing information?

It can seem like the newspaper is dripping with stories about fires, shooting, loses in sports games, and dirty politics. There is a lot going on in the world that doesn’t get showcased, but instead, it is in the shadow of whatever depressing story is that day’s breaking news. However, the news that people don’t see can be pretty fun to read about. 

These are the stories about the biggest fashion achievements at a red carpet or how a firefighter saved a girl from a burning house or how a local farmer won the biggest pumpkin contest with a 2,000-pound pumpkin. 

Throughout the school year, I want to bring to you this side of the news. The enjoyable, funny, wacky, crazy side of the news that I find so interesting. 

From this week forward, I’ll give my opinion about what the heck is going on in this crazy world.