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Vanessa Alonso

Vanessa Alonso, Staff Reporter

I am a Junior this year at Dunbar, this is going to be my second year on a PLD lamplighter as a Staff Reporter. I enjoy doing photography and videography. I love capturing perfect moments and angles on a camera, it can completely change the tone of a story which is crucial in news coverage.

 I am looking forward to improving my writing skills and being more consistent in quality with the work that I produce. There are going to be so many learning opportunities and challenges with the circumstances we are in this year and I am ready to take them head on. Besides Lamplighter I am also a part of Dunbar's orchestra, and cross country team. I enjoy painting, running, and being with my friends.

With my experience from last year I am beyond ready to start working with the staff again to produce the kind of stories that everyone will be interested in.

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