Thanksgiving, a Tradition not even COVID can stop

Through all the struggles that COVID has put onto many families, Many people looked forward to Thanksgiving to give thanks for all the good that has happened in this crazy year.

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  • Families still got together to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other making sure they can stay safe while also getting together.

  • With how this year has gone, a home-cooked meal and getting together with your family is what many people needed during Thanksgiving.

  • While some families and friends can get together and celebrate in person, others who are at risk chose to spend time together virtually instead.

  • To many, Thanksgiving is a special tradition that is celebrated every year and shouldn’t be canceled.

  • Thanksgiving dinner prepared to provide comfort to family members who don’t see each other too often.

  • This Thanksgiving feast represents the bond that Thanksgiving has to bring people together.

  • Families that don’t get to see each other that much have a home-cooked meal to look forward to.

  • Carving the Thanksgiving Turkey is part of a tradition and won’t be canceled even with COVID.