Bryan Station defeats Bulldogs in Close Game

The Bulldogs fell to Bryan Station 27-26

The Dunbar Bulldogs faced off against the Bryan Station Defenders on Oct. 19, a suffered a loss 27-26.

Dunbar won the toss and elected to receive the opening kick which went into the end zone for a touchback. The Dunbar offense took over on their own 20 yard line. With big runs from #27 Alex Bard (a 28 yard run), and #6 Mitchell Joseph (an 11 yard run) and a touchdown run, and #24 Evan VanDaniker hitting the extra point, the Bulldogs were able to put 7 on the scoreboard.  

Station was able to get the ball on their own 45-yard line thanks to a good return. With a QB keeper from #1 Jalen Burbage, that went for 15 yards and a touchdown, and an extra point from #6 Eddie Irumva station tied things up at 7 all.

With a flag on the on the kick, Dunbar was able to start their drive on their own 35-yard line. #6 Joseph broke a 13-yard run, but then #27 Bard fumbled the ball which was recovered by #14 Dennis Abw. On the next play, #1 Burbage threw an interception to  #17 Tyler Johnson. Time expired on the first quarter with the score 7-7.

Dunbar had an explosive start in the second quarter.

#7 Tanner Cox throw a pass that went for 12 yards to #18 Jamarcus Robinson, and then #6 Joseph broke an 18-yard run. The drive hit a speed bump when the ball was fumbled, but #52 Nate Thomas was able to make the recovery for the Bulldogs. #52 Thomas was able to punch in a touchdown and with #24 VanDaniker hitting the extra point the score was 14-7 Dunbar.

Station was unable to get anything going and had to punt the ball. The Bulldogs took over at their own 10-yard line and were also unable to get anything going and had to punt. Station got the ball back and ended up turning the ball over on downs. Dunbar was able to march down the field, to the station 23 yard line. Right before the half, the Bulldogs set up for a 40-yard field goal, which was blocked The clock expired and at half Dunbar was Leading 14-7.

Station was set to receive the second half kick off taken to the house by #2 Kendrick Curry. With #6 Irumva’s PAT, the score was 14 all. Dunbar set themselves up with good field position by returning the ball to their own 42-yard line. #27 Bard hit a big 13-yard run and #7 Cox threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to #18 Robinson. #24 VanDaniker missed the PAT, making the score 20-14 Dunbar. Station was able to return the kick to their own 43-yard line, and  #1 Burbage had 2 19 yard runs and a touchdown run with #6 Irumva hitting the PAT the score was 21-20 Station.

When the clock hit zero in the third, the score was still 21-20 Station.

The fourth quarter #6 Joseph ran in a touchdown. The Bulldogs lined up to go for 2, but #15 Jake Smith was tackled in the backfield and the try was no good. The score was 26-21 Dunbar. Station got the ball on their own 35-yard line to start the drive. #1 Burbage had a 15-yard run and #7 Amodeus Taylor had a 19-yard run. The drive ended with a touchdown run from #1 Burbage. Station tried to go for 2, but didn’t get it, and the score was 27-26 Station.

When the clock showed all zeros the score was 27-26 with Bryan Station on top. With this win, Station crushed Dunbar’s playoff hopes.

Dunbar’s next game is Oct. 26 at home against Louisville Western.         

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  • Dunbar’s Guards and Tackles ready to start the play against the competitor

  • #6 Mitchell Joseph after running through multiple defenders

  • Dunbar’s offensive line protecting their teammates

  • #65 Sy Turley battling a defender from the opposing the Defenders

  • Dunbar’s Offensive Line preparing to snap the ball

  • #17 Tyler Johnson, #9 Landon Jackson, and #2 Mason Haggard take knees while on the sidelines awaiting for names to be called

  • Dunbars’s Marching Band and Color Guard performing at halftime

  • #87 Weston Holloman about to collect the kicked ball for a potential return

  • Dunbar’s Offensive line waiting for the quarterback’s snap.

  • #5 Isaac Armstrong helping the offensive line set up for the next play

  • Players from both teams gather to see who has possession of the ball after a fumble

  • A Dunbar player recovers the ball with defenders from the opposing team on him

  • #6 Mitchell Joseph receives the ball to run it down the field

  • Dunbar’s offense setting up to run a play on a fierce defense

  • #6 Mitchell Joseph running past the defenders