A Flashback to the Bearcats

The Dunbar boys’ basketball game on Feb. 5 is taking place in the old home of the Bearcats. This is just a little throwback on what things used to look like for Dunbar High. From old trophies and uniforms to mascots and photos.

A window displaying Dunbar artifacts is located outside the College and Career Center on PLD’s Campus.

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  • Behind this trophy you can see photos of the graduating classes. Dunbar on North Upper Street was open from 1923-1967.

  • As proud of the red, white, black spirit we have. Things used to be different. Green and white were the official Bearcat colors.

  • Win after win. Dunbar has always been known for their basketball team and this is just a small glimpse of the awards we have received.

  • The Bearcats liked it classy. This is one of Dunbar’s old uniforms.

  • Dunbar High was an all-black high school. It opened in 1923 and is still open till this day. It may not be in the same building but we definitely still have the ongoing spirit.

  • This sign well represents the beliefs of Dunbar. Not only did this apply back on North Upper Street, now it applies to the same school on Man ‘O’ War.

  • William Bibbs, a former Dunbar basketball player. He was an all-star player and a great contribute to the team.

  • This little bearcat doesn’t look intimidating, but in the arena all bearcats dominated.