Bulldogs Fall Short in District Championship

Dunbar lost 4-3 on penalty kicks to Lexington Catholic


Oct. 12– Dunbar took on Lexington Catholic for the 43rd District Boys Soccer Championship, and the right to host the Regional Tournament at their home field.

Early in the game, action was slow while each team tried to gain advantage over the other, but failed to do so. In the 2nd half, the Bulldogs gained momentum early by pushing the ball downfield deep into the Knights defense and scoring a goal in the 45th minute by junior Pedro Martinez (#19) assisted by senior Sullivan Curd (#11).

But Catholic responded fast.

Two minutes later, the refs gave the Knights a penalty kick due to a hand ball, and their scoring kick tied the game 1-1.

Tension rose between the two teams toward the end of the 2nd half as one of Catholic’s players was given two yellow cards and was ejected for the rest of the game. The teams held their ground as the time expired, and it sent the game into overtime.

In overtime, the Knights got behind the Bulldogs’ defense, and they had a chance to score, but senior goalie Josh Szydlik made two game saving blocks to give the ‘Dawgs a chance. But Catholic’s goalie was prepared as well, getting the save with 50 seconds left, and sending the game into penalty kicks.

Dunbar went first and made their first goal. Catholic made theirs as well, and then seized the momentum when they stopped the Bulldogs’ second kick. The teams traded goals back and forth.

After that and it came down to Dunbar’s 5th penalty kick to keep them in the game.

The Bulldogs missed their last shot, giving the Knights the win with a 4-3 victory in penalty kicks.

Dunbar heads to the Regional Tournament as the #2 seed, and they play next week at Lexington Catholic.

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  • #18 Sophomore Jed French throws the ball back into play.

  • #4 Jake Heil and #12 Andre Pascal race to gain possession of the ball.

  • Jed French blocks the ball from Catholic.

  • #11 Senior Sullivan Curd moves the ball past a Catholic player.

  • #5 Senior Jackson Akins headbutts the ball.

  • Dunbar players celebrate a good play mid-game.

  • The Boys Soccer Team huddle up before the game begins.

  • #22 Kevin Jing kicks the ball past an opposing player.

  • #15 Junior Crescenio Torres steals the ball from an opposing player.

  • #22 Junior Kevin Jing fights for control of the ball.

  • #4 Jake Heil head-butts the ball towards a teammate.

  • #12 Junior Andre Pascals maintains possession of the ball as opposing players surround him.

  • #12 Junior Andre Pascal is blocked by an opposing player.

  • #18 Sophomore Jed French headbutts the ball.

  • #9 Sophomore Ben Oser races past an opponent to steal the ball.

  • #19 Junior Pedro Jiminez launches the ball towards the goal.

  • #5 Senior Jackson Akins moves the ball down the field.

  • #2 Senior Chase Dawson launching the ball down midfield.

  • #1 Goalie Josh Szydlik returns the ball back into the game with a swift kick.

  • #22 Junior Kevin Jing steals the ball from an opponent.