Dunbar’s Battle Against Ballard


Matt Dauelsberg

Dunbar and Ballard huddle up in a team meet right before the kick off.

On Sept. 28 the Dunbar’s boys soccer team went up against Louisville’s Ballard High.

The first half of the game seemed to be a split game, with both teams having even possession of the ball. Both teams had several good attacks, a strong defense, and both had great saves from their goalkeepers as well. The first half ended up being 0-0.

The second half was when things took a turn for the Bulldogs. They had several attacks on the opposition and pressured Ballard High to become frustrated and which led to Ballard committing several fouls against the Dawgs.

Those fouls eventually led up to a free-kick cross for Dunbar, which was taken by #13 Kobe Valdivia who passed it to #17 Rodrigo Romero, for the first goal of the game with an amazing volley. 

The Ballard team became frustrated and one of the Ballard players actually received a yellow card shortly after the Dunbar goal for kicking the ball when the play had stopped, but they turned their frustration into motivation and Ballard scored their first goal of the match with 13 minutes remaining in the game.

It was a struggling battle for the last few minutes of the game, and it seemed as if Ballard made the comeback at the end with a strong attack but #0 Mason Feddock was able to keep Dunbar in the game with a great save.

With a minute remaining in the game, things became intense, and it turned into a battle. Ballard made the mistake of making a handball, meaning a free kick for the Dawgs, which led to a corner kick afterward. Every single Dunbar player was up against Ballard’s offensive line ready to strike it in, including the goalie, but unfortunately, they couldn’t manage to finish it.

The game ended in a struggling tie of 1-1, becoming Dunbar’s third tie in the season.