Why I’m Voting for Joe Biden

After three long years of being subject to an administration I wholeheartedly disapprove of, it is now 2020 and I will be voting for the first time. I am beyond ready to finally have a say about who runs my government.


Adam Fagen

Joe Biden is the right man to become the President in 2020.

I remember the 2016 election vividly. It was the first time I was truly interested in politics and cared about the outcome of an election. I was 15 at the time, and therefore was unable to vote, but all I kept thinking was “2020 is going to be the year my voice is heard.” 

Since 2016, I have spent a lot of my time educating myself on the issues that plague this country so I can figure out where I stand, and I discovered that I am a Democrat. If I had been able to vote in 2016, it would have been for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump stands for everything I stand against. When he won the race I was, quite frankly, devastated.

I honestly feared for the direction the country was heading.

When the 2020 presidential race kicked off early last year, I have been researching every candidate who is eyeing the Democratic nomination. I have spent the last few months trying to figure out who best aligns with my views. Debate after debate, I have found myself as still undecided. I wavered between two or three candidates for the last three weeks, but now I can confidently say I believe former Vice President Joe Biden is the right man for the job.

I honestly feared for the direction the country was heading.

I’ve thought long and hard on who I want to represent me, mostly thinking about who can heal this sharply divided country. In my opinion, no one displays the amount of compassion and dedication needed for the job more than Joe Biden.

When I watch his interactions with supporters I experience a sense of hope and inspiration that I don’t feel when watching the other candidates. He makes real connections with his supporters, and no other candidate possesses the amount of empathy Joe Biden does.

This country needs to be brought back together and stabilized. While I like the ideas of the other Democrats in the race, none of them even come close to having the skills and experience needed to bring balance to this country as Joe Biden.

Having served six terms in the Senate, he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as well as having served as a ranking member of both committees. During his time as a senator, he accomplished passing bills such as the Violence Against Women Act and he worked extremely hard at getting the Brady bill and assault weapons ban passed–three remarkably influential pieces of legislation. 

His time serving in the Senate and as Vice President make him the most qualified when dealing with foreign leaders and affairs. We need someone who can represent us on the world stage and can rebuild relations with our allies. He is the only one seeking the nomination with the experience needed to be commander in chief. 

In terms of electability, Democrats need someone who can pull people from all over the political spectrum. Democrat, independent, and Republican votes are needed in order to take back the White House in November. Joe Biden can get those votes because he is known for his bipartisanship and for reaching across the aisle to get things done. 

Bernie Sanders’ frontrunner status worries me because I don’t believe he would be able to gather more electoral votes than Trump, and therefore, we will see a repeat of 2016–not to mention the risk of losing Senate and House races because Sanders is leading the party.

While it is true Sanders can and does excite the Democratic base, he doesn’t have the ability to appeal to centrists: an important voting block. I don’t doubt Sanders would be a productive president, but that’s only if he can get elected, and I don’t believe he can. This country has not moved far enough left to elect Bernie Sanders as President.

Looking at the 2018 midterms, it’s clear that moderate Democrats are responsible for restoring our majority in the House, and not progressives. Democrats were able to win districts Trump won in 2016 because they appealed to moderate voters. This is the most important election cycle in modern history, there is no room to take such a large risk.

Of course, Joe Biden is not without his flaws.

…No candidate is perfect. Every single person running for president has baggage.

It’s true that he oftentimes mixing up words and phrases and struggling during debates. His gaffes make headlines about once a week. His past support of the Iraq war is disappointing as well.

However, no candidate is perfect. Every single person running for president has baggage. But what Biden lacks in public speaking, he makes up for in policy. He takes a strong stance on implementing gun control policies such as universal background checks on all gun purchases, a national gun registry, a voluntary buyback program, and reinstating the assault weapons ban. 

Keeping private insurance intact, Biden will build on the ACA making healthcare more affordable and available to more Americans while preserving choice

In order to curb carbon emissions and protect the environment, Biden will implement a carbon tax as well as end offshore drilling and end oil and gas leases on federal land. He plans to have America achieve net-zero emissions and a 100 percent clean energy economy by 2050.

Biden has realistic plans we need in order to move forward and make this country a better place. We need someone who can not only provide change but can defeat Trump as well. If Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination he will do exactly that.

Trying to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine, Donald Trump got himself impeached. It’s obvious that Biden is the candidate Trump fears.

This election is about restoring the heart and soul of this country. Out of everyone in the race, Joe Biden is the only one who can win, who can keep his promises, and who can restore dignity to the oval office. 

I am going to be honored to cast my very first vote for a man who has dedicated his life to public service. When I go into the voting booth for the primary, I’ll be pressing the button for Joe Biden.