Must-See Halloween Decorations

People around Lexington have made unique yard displays for the spookiest holiday of the year.

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  • A crow watches over the cemetery guarding against any unwanted visitors.

  • A sign warns visitors of risks before entering the grounds of this cemetery.

  • Most of the decorations at this house are homemade, and the owners make new ones every year.

  • A pumpkin-surrounded coffin is the central decoration of this yard.

  • A creepy-crawly spider lurks in the webs it’s spun upon the home of an unsuspecting family.

  • Homemade crosses mark where the dead have been buried in this cemetery.

  • “KEEP OUT!” warns a blood-traced message on a window, hinting at the horrors that may have occurred inside.

  • A clown hides in the shadows of this cemetery ready to surprise any unsuspecting visitors.

  • All of these Halloween yard props are designed and built by hand.

  • A Halloween haunted trail with many jumps and scares.

  • This Jack-O-Lantern comes to life in an attempt to scare visitors.

  • A skeleton rises from the ground just in time for Halloween.