Justice League Snyder Cut Review

See how Zach Snyder’s Justice League lives up to the hype.

Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League has been one of the most popular movie releases of the year. Because of the disappointment that was Joss Whedon’s take on the film, millions of Justice League fans were excited and ready to see a much better version, and that is exactly what they got.

The plot of this movie is much more deep and interesting than in the original, as it utilizes the four hours of runtime to add many details that the original simply didn’t have time for. This makes the audience care about the outcome of the movie more, even if they know what’s coming. It also gives them more of a reason to keep watching. 

The extra runtime also allows for much more character development. For example, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) originally wants nothing to do with the Justice League and just wants a normal life. But in the end, he’s willing to join the rest of the team for the greater good. He was also able to greatly improve other characters without extra development. In the original movie, the Flash (Ezra Miller) was simply used for comic relief. But in Snyder’s version, he actually has a purpose in the story and serves a huge role in the climax of the movie. 

The cinematography is another success for this movie. The dark lighting fits the tone of the movie, and what Snyder is trying to do with it. There are a lot of great shots and angles in the movie, and while kind of gloomy, the movie is great to look at. 

One issue I had with the movie was pacing. With 4 hours of runtime, there are several parts of the film that get very boring. This movie could’ve been done in about 3 hours, and still would’ve kept all of the important parts of the plot. 

Another issue is the runtime itself. While it does create a deeper plot and characters, it can be a pain to sit through all of that time. And as I mentioned earlier, some parts can get boring because of it. 

Overall, Snyder made a very impressive version of the once disappointing Justice League. While it does have some flaws with the time and pacing, overall if you can find the time, I recommend it.