Tips on how to stay motivated in online school

many people are struggling with keeping their motivation for school work while online and i have some tips to help

I along with many others are having trouble keeping their motivation up while doing online school. Now I’m not perfect at getting my stuff done and keeping my motivation up (actually I’m turning this article in late) but I can give a few tips for everyone struggling. 

My first tip would be to write it all down, when I write down all the stuff I need to get done and when I’m planning on getting it done. Doing that makes people much more inclined and motivated to actually get it done.

Another tip would be to find something to motivate you, set yourself a goal, and stick to it. Say the goal is that you cant go shopping or something if you don’t turn in what you’re working on time. This one personally helps me the most, i tell myself that i cant go out with friends until i get all my school work done. 

Those are personally some of my favorite ways to keep motivated during online school.