Dunbar Girls’ Basketball vs Woodford County

The team won the Feb. 15 game against Woodford County, 74-40

The Bulldogs rolled past the Woodford County Yellow Jackets in an easy 34 point victory. Senior Mashayla Cecil had 23 points, senior Autumn Herriford ended with 18 points and 6 rebounds, and Cheyenne Fullwood ended with 12 points and three rebounds

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  • #33 Symone Franklin reaches up for the ball that an opposing player has.

  • #33 Symone Franklin and an opposing player reach for the ball.

  • #2 Autumn Herriford goes up for a basket.

  • #2 Autumn Herriford runs down the court.

  • #23 Mashayla Cecil makes a free throw.

  • The Dunbar Cheerleaders get the crowd hyped up during half-time.

  • #23 Mashayla Cecil is blocked by an opposing player.

  • #20 Cheyenne Fullwood carries the ball down the court.

  • #2 Autumn Herriford made an attempt to drive the ball into the basket.

  • #33 Symone Franklin passes the ball to #23 Mashayla Cecil.

  • #20 Cheyenne Fullwood makes a free throw.

  • #24 Anaiyah Cotton reaches for the basket ball.

  • #24 Anaiyah Cotton and #33 Symone Franklin attempt to get the ball into the basket.

  • #33 Symone Franklin knocks the ball away from the opposing team.

  • The two teams watch for the ball to come down from the basket.

  • #21 Peyton Humphreys captures the ball mid-air.

  • #20 Cheyenne Fullwood prepares to take the ball down the court.

  • #23 Mashayla Cecil protects the ball from the opposing team.

  • #2 Autumn Herriford dribbles the ball down the court.

  • #21 Peyton Humphreys passes the ball to #20 Cheyenne Fullwood.

  • #21 Peyton Humphreys prepares to make a basket.