Ice Storm Hits Lexington

The winter weather has brought new dangers but also magnificent sights.

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  • The roads of Lexington have frozen over after a severe ice storm hit, making for hazardous driving conditions. Many schools, campuses, and businesses have shut down to keep people off the roads.

  • Most powerlines are under lots of stress with all the ice weighing them down. The iced-over power lines have caused many power outages all over Kentucky.

  • In some neighborhoods, there was almost an inch of ice. All it takes is a little ice to make the roads slick and cancel school for most students.

  • The ice has frozen over all trees making them very brittle. This has caused tree branches to fall, potentially being harmful.

  • Although the ice storm has brought many hazards, it has also made unique sculptures of ice on tree branches.

  • Ice has covered everything outside that was not covered up.

  • Trees all over Lexington are falling and having branches break off due to the layers of ice that covered them.

  • Sheets of ice are all over the roads, making them very slick and dangerous to drive on.

  • The trees that are covered in ice are dangerous but are magnificent when looked at from a safe distance.