Dunbar Teachers Remember 9/11

Mrs. Faris, Mr. Pryor and Madame McNely told students what they were doing during 9/11 and what they remember about that day.

According to three Dunbar teachers, 9/11 had a huge impact. 

“I remember very vividly what I felt that day, where my family was, and it was definitely a big moment that just always sticks in your mind,” French teacher Madame Jen McNely said. 

Although it happened over two decades ago, many teachers said that they remember what they felt like at the time, and what they were doing. 

“In our immediate family, it was not necessarily that anyone passed away or was directly affected,” English teacher Mr. Jon Pryor said. “A lot of us just had to sit and wait to hear where our family members were.”

Like Mr. Pryor, many people had to wonder about whether their immediate family or relatives were.

Mr. Pryor said that he felt stuck not knowing whether they were safe or not. One of his family members was supposed to be working at the Pentagon that day but didn’t go in.

“After that moment, it didn’t matter what you believed. We were all here. As Americans, for those people. It taught me that freedom isn’t free,” English teacher Mrs. Amber Faris said.

“I wish that we could go back to those moments after 9/11 when we were all united.” 

Although 9/11 was a sad and tragic day, she said that it did help unite our country and help us come together in our time of need.