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A Pension is a Promise

November 30, 2017

After paying a consulting firm a sum of $556,300, Governor Matt Bevin presented a 505 page bill he dubbed “Keeping a Promise,” to make significant changes to the pension system in order to pay back decades of government debt. Bevin will need to call a special session in order to vote on the bill which has been met with significant backlash. What Does the Bill Do? Teachers and many other public work...

Culinary Students Compete in Bulldog Top Chef

Culinary Students Compete in Bulldog Top Chef

October 26, 2017

The Bulldog Top Chef competition was hosted on Oct. 25 by Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Andrea Baker. "It was sort of like the show Chopped. We didn't know the recipe or the ingredients, so it was a surprise. We had to be able to come up with a recipe off the top of our heads and make something for the judges," said senior competitor Sarah Morrison. Dunbar students not only compe...

A Closer Look at the Web Site Redesign

October 20, 2017

Along with all other schools in the district, Dunbar’s school website has been updated. “It was a district mandate that we change our website,” said Mrs. Kim Overstreet, a technology research teacher and the webmaster at Dunbar. Using a template set up by an overseer from Fayette County Public Schools, webmasters gathered during the summer to start to make this change. “We were tra...

Unfounded Violence Rumors Circulate Throughout Dunbar

Unfounded Violence Rumors Circulate Throughout Dunbar

October 20, 2017

Today at Dunbar, many students viewed tweets about potential violence at school. Some even called home and asked to be checked out of school. Thanks to the far-reaching effects of social media, rumors of violence at school spread quickly. Principal Betsy Rains addressed the whole school over the intercom to dispel these rumors, and to assure students. "Our students are safe and in no danger,"...

Dunbar's Gay-Straight Alliance Kicks off Ally Week

Dunbar’s Gay-Straight Alliance Kicks off Ally Week

September 26, 2017

Ally Week is a national movement targeting students in grades K-12 that encourages students to be allies with the LGBT community, and to combat bullying and harassment through education and awareness. This year, Ally Week is from Sept. 25-29. Several Dunbar students and teachers were in attendance to hear a guest speaker, Tuesday Meadows, who is assistant editor and advertising manager of LinQ Magazine, president of...

What's going on with DACA?

What’s going on with DACA?

September 22, 2017

On June 15, 2012 then-President Barack Obama appeared in the White House rose garden to announce that he would be taking an executive action to mend our country’s immigration policy. Specifically concerning immigrants that came to the United States illegally with their parents as children (children being defined by law as 16 years old and under), otherwise known as “Dreamers.” “They are...

A Sacred Space for Reflection and a Tool for Learning

September 8, 2017

On Dunbar's campus, there lies an enclosure of native Kentucky flowers, shrubs and trees--a nature sanctuary that houses not only greenery, but also serves as a peaceful and meditative space. The Memorial Garden was conceived by two former Dunbar students, Jesse Higginbotham and Hannah Landers, who were founding members of the Gay-Straight Alliance, a club that was approved at Dunbar in 2006 and...

Recycled Bottle Cap Bench Arrives at Dunbar

Recycled Bottle Cap Bench Arrives at Dunbar

August 5, 2017

Several Dunbar students who are involved in the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council began a project last school year to recycle bottle caps. If they gathered enough, the bottle caps could be turned into a bench. Last month, the students reached their goal, and decided to place the new bench in the Dunbar Memorial Garden. “We had high schools collect plastic bottle caps and lids,” said recent ...

Dunbar student voice team member Jenna McCauley speaking from a students perspective to rally support for the anti-gun violence cause.

Dunbar Student Speaks At National Gun Violence Awareness Day 2017

June 3, 2017

June 2 marked National Gun Violence Awareness day. National landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls, as well as the Double Helix in the Lexington Public Library parking garage, and fountains in Triangle Park, were lit orange in support of the “Wear Orange” campaign. This year is the first observation in Lexington in conjunction with members from the national advocacy g...

Faculty Cup winners Addie Brown and Jack Stokley emceed the Senior Awards on May 10.

2017 Senior Awards Night

May 11, 2017

This year, Senior Awards were handled a little differently. "We asked students how they would like to improve the event, and one of the suggestions was to have students be more involved," said Guidance Secretary Mrs. Jessica Gibson. Faculty Cup winners Jack Stokley and Addie Brown were announced early so that they could emcee the event on May 10th. This will start a new tradition at Dunbar in...

Senior Class Sponsors Provide Graduation Information

May 11, 2017

For those who missed the meeting on May 11, the senior class sponsors Mrs. Debra Reaguer and Mrs. Sarah Lubbe spoke about the final steps for graduating seniors. Graduation rehearsal will be held at Dunbar on May 19. After 11:30 all seniors will not be permitted in the building and will be asked to leave. Due to this finality, all lockers and personal belongings should be collected no later than Ma...

Alumni Panels Share Wisdom With Seniors

May 10, 2017

On May 10, Dunbar alumni returned, giving advice to senior English students for the first annual Dunbar Alumni Panel. The event was held in the library, organized by senior English teacher Monica Cole. Some of the alumni included graduates of ’01, ’09 and ’16. Though the members of the panel changed between blocks, the panel experience will reach each senior at Dunbar. “I think it’s impor...