Dunbar Drama’s Fall Competition Play

This fall, drama presented “Aunt Leaf”–a tale about a young girl named Annabelle.

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  • Senior Mackenzie McConnell portrays one of the characters in Aunt Leaf.

  • Junior Harper Sutton showing intense emotion.

  • A student poses behind the curtain as Aunt Leaf.

  • Senior Katy Rucker portrays Aunt Leaf during a scene.

  • Senior Katy Rucker and junior Kayla Wall share a intense moment.

  • Junior Tiffany Madden playing the part of Annabelle.

  • The actors had to show a range of emotions to portray the characters.

  • The actors portraying the twins had to do fighting scenes.

  • Because of the play’s dramatic nature, actors had to show a range of emotions.

  • Senior Arnez Isable sits in a praying position while portraying the part of Annabelle.

  • The actors portraying Annabelle’s family laugh during a funny moment in the scene.

  • To play the part of Aunt Leaf, actors and actresses hunch their body and stretch their arms out in front of them.

  • Actor stands behind the curtain in the same position Aunt Leaf would.

  • Senior Katy Rucker portrays the character Annabelle in the woods.

  • Aunt Leaf, as portrayed by junior Harper Sutton, acts annoyed as her family members speak to her.

  • Actors portraying the twins laughed and talked at the beginning of the play.

  • Seniors Mackenzie McConnell and Katy Rucker passionately play their parts onstage.

  • The play incorporates the use of screens to portray shadows relating to each scene.

  • The actors yell at each other in a dramatic scene from Aunt Leaf.

  • Sophomore Jaycee Castro displays emotion on stage.

  • All of the characters in the play gather in a line to repeat lines in unison.

  • The actor playing Annabelle hides on the floor as her teachers surround her with questions.

  • The actors portraying Annabelle’s family pretend to eat breakfast together.

  • Junior Hannah Broomhall plays Annabelle in this dark scene of “Aunt Leaf.”

  • Senior Arnaz Isable portrays Annabelle as she tells Aunt Leaf stories of the woods.

  • Aunt Leaf is portrayed by her hunched back and her outreached hands.

  • Aunt Leaf, portrayed by junior Harper Sutton, appears annoyed as her family talks non-stop.

  • Most of Aunt Leaf is very serious and dark, as seen by junior Harper Sutton.

  • The actors portraying the family members help to incorporate Aunt Leaf into their home.

  • Aunt Leaf, portrayed by junior Harper Sutton, acts disgusted by her family from the moment she arrives to live with them.

  • Senior Arnaz Isable dances on stage as he portrays one of the twins.