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Encouraging all of Dunbar's 2,000 students to wear masks properly would be difficult, even with a hybrid model.

Why I Do NOT Want to Go Back to School

October 19, 2020

It seems as though whenever you flip through the news on TV, there is a story filled with students who are ready to get back in the classroom. But what about those who are not? Logically speaking, getting over 2,000 teenagers to follow the safety guidelines seems like an impossible task, considering it was difficult enough to keep students off their phones or wearing a lanyard during the school ...

Children growing up through Covid-19 will be greatly affected.

How Covid-19 has affected children

October 12, 2020

Children growing up through Covid-19 in America will have a different childhood experience than those who didn’t and the mental health of the younger generation will be deeply affected.  PLD Junior Chloe Stotz found this to be true, seeing this happen through her own younger siblings.  “I think it's been really hard on them,” Stotz said, “My little sister always had so much energy,...

An image of an Amazon warehouse, taken last year.

Amazon Hiring 100,000 Employees as COVID-19 Epidemic Continues

October 12, 2020

During the continued COVID-19 outbreak throughout most of the world, Amazon has announced that they will hire another 100,000 employees to keep up with the increased demand from online shopping.  According to The Wall Street Journal, “Amazon Inc. plans to hire 100,000 additional employees in the U.S. and Canada, continuing a rapid expansion that began as the coronavirus pandemic forced many p...

Teens Still Working During COVID-19

October 8, 2020

Especially during the summer, many teens tend to get jobs. But with the pandemic causing the economy to suffer and businesses to close, some students wonder whether they would be able to find employment. And for those that did find jobs, their working circumstances have changed significantly.  Senior Taylor Smith got a job as a hostess at Ramsey's. "Working while we have so much time on our hands i...

Empty fields and stadiums are the new reality for most sports.

College Sports Get the Boot

October 1, 2020

2020 will go down in history as the year the world went on pause. As the coronavirus spread around the globe, everyone felt the impact. Businesses shut their doors to the public, the hustle and bustle of cities turned quiet, and schools sent their students home. Financial shortfalls are a significant and ongoing consequence of COVID-19. The impacts are evident in unemployment rates, the num...

FCPS Board of Education discussion with UK and Fayette County Health Department officials.

Searching for Guidance

September 27, 2020

The Fayette County Public School (FCPS) Board of Education held a special meeting on Sept. 25 to discuss the incidence rate and community spread of COVID-19 in relation to the return to in-person school. Superintendent Manny Caulk began the meeting by reviewing the protocols and guidance set by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and quickly turned the floor over to Commissioner of Health Dr. Kraig ...

Kentucky is continuing to release daily updates on the number of new COVID-19 cases in each county.

Fayette County Reaches “Red” COVID Incidence Rate

September 23, 2020

In an email to FCPS families on Wednesday, Superintendent Manny Caulk revealed that a delay in “data entry” led to underreporting of COVID-19 cases on the state’s “COVID-19 Current Incidence Rate” map. Now that the error has been corrected, Fayette County’s incidence rate has changed from orange to red on the map, meaning Lexington is reporting at least 25 daily cases per 100,000 residents...

The proposed change would alter Dunbar's longstanding A/B block schedule.

Dunbar Considers 4×4 Schedule

July 29, 2020

The abrupt transition to online learning in March was a hectic one: teachers choosing between seemingly dozens of online platforms, administrators scrambling to put together some kind of schedule, everyone adrift in the chaos that marked the arrival of COVID-19.  Now, as schools around the country consider a virtual return to school, administrators are more prepared. On July 23, the Fayette C...

Cloth face coverings will be required for all students above the first grade.

Wearing a Mask Gets Us Back to School

July 21, 2020

What used to indicate that someone was sick is now a preventative measure for the general public. Masks are considered to be one crucial aspect of the fight against COVID-19. While they can be uncomfortable, masks are just one measure allowing students to return to in-person school this year. Guidelines by the Education Continuation Task Force as well as the Governor’s Office, Department for Public Health, Kentucky...

Many teens have become frontline essential workers during COVID-19 pandemic.

Teens Become Essential Workers

May 27, 2020

While millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, some have been shoved onto America’s front lines. This time, the front lines don’t indicate an armed conflict, but a war against this deadly virus. In this fight, 17-year-olds like us have become unlikely frontiersmen of the battle along with doctors, delivery drivers, and grocery store clerks. Two months ago, we were just teenagers...

How to turn quarantine time into quality time.

Making the Most of the Quarantine

May 27, 2020

There are things that really stink about the stay at home measures, but there are also things to try that might just help you make the most of the situation.

Savanna Montgomery performs as Mrs. Van Daan in the Diary of Anne Frank for her final performance at Paul Laurence Dunbar.

COVID-19 Cancelled My Final Performance

May 27, 2020

As a senior, there are multiple things that I will be doing for the last time before I move on to life as a college student: my last football game, prom, my last meal in the cafeteria, a tardy note, time spent with my classmates, and even time walking down the crowded hallways.  Students like me, who plan on going out of state for college, are missing out on spending our lasting moments with our ...