Students Should Use the COVID-19 Test-to-Stay Program

Test-to-stay gives students an opportunity to take a test at school and get fast results.

With COVID-19 changing constantly, we have to figure out ways to cope with it. The test-to-stay option is the newest solution added to our school, and all students need is a signed permission slip by a parent or guardian once that is turned in, students can test as many times as they want/need. 

Test-to-stay is at school in the gym Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:15 to 12:30. Many students have not been taking advantage of this opportunity, and the more they do the more likely they will keep coming back and maybe stay longer.

This will help all students and staff who have been exposed and are worried but cannot get an appointment soon enough. This will also help anyone who is feeling sick to know whether or not it’s COVID-19.

The sooner students and staff know, the better. This way other students who have been exposed to the virus can get tested and be aware. 

This is also a helpful opportunity because students can test negative for several days and then one day you are positive. Meaning you can still have COVID-19 but it won’t show up until possibly days later.

Many other people have been struggling with this problem as well. It keeps happening and that’s why the test-to-stay is such a great opportunity.

It will allow you to test multiple times without an appointment so that students and staff can make sure they are fully negative, especially if they are symptomatic. 

With so many things changing with COVID-19 the world has tried to adapt, and so are we.

The test-to-stay is an amazing opportunity and must be taken advantage of. It is easy for students and staff to use, however, if people don’t start taking advantage of the test-to-stay it might not be here for very long.