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Darin Hinshaw

Darin Hinshaw, Staff Reporter

I am a senior at Dunbar, and this is my first year as a staff reporter. I’m excited to be part of journalism at Dunbar and get to discuss ideas, thoughts, and opinions through my writing. As for me, I’ve always seen the news as a viewer and reader, and though I might be late to the party, I’m ready to see what it takes to make the news and work on something that people will see every day. Before getting to join the Studio Production and Design level of Lamplighter, I’ve gotten to try out other types of classes, spanning from engineering, drawing, theatre, choir, all while also running Cross Country and Track as a sport, I’m hoping to include journalism to that list of disciplines I’ve practiced.  My goal by the time I graduate at the end of this year is to take classes that interest me but also teach me a variety of skills that I can use in higher education. And with Lamplighter teaching me the ins and outs of news for Dunbar, acquiring those skills should be no problem. 

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