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Hannah Hammond
My name is Hannah, I am a senior at Dunbar this year, and this is my third year being on staff with Lamplighter. Last year I was on the editorial board as the public relations manager, and now I am this year's Human Resources Manager. I really enjoy getting the chance to write feature articles for this publication. I originally joined lamplighter thinking I would take the photography pathway, but quickly realized that I had a passion for people. I love talking and getting to know everyone I meet. Lamplighter has given me an opportunity to experiment in the world on PR and HR, which I am hoping to pursue a career in. 

In my free time I play varsity lacrosse for Dunbar as well as for a club team. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, listening to podcasts, and traveling!

My last two years with Lamplighter have been a blast and I am so excited for my last year on staff. I know we can accomplish great things. 

Hannah Hammond, Human Resources Manager

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