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Matthew Nichols

Matthew Nichols, Editor

I'm Matthew Nichols and this is my junior year at Dunbar. This is my second year on Lamplighter and I am the Geek Squad Editor which means I have the opportunity to try and make people laugh and smile!

I was the Geek Squad Editor for the second semester of last year's school year and have carried it on since then. Next year, I'm hoping to fulfill the role of editor-in-chief. I would like to continue on with creating and producing Geek Squad but also have the responsibility of a bigger role. It would be the best scenario for me considering broadcast journalism is what I would like to pursue.

I play soccer for Dunbar and couldn't ask for a better team/family. I participate in the YoungLife discipleship team and love going out to different studies and camps with that community. I love broadcast journalism and can't wait for another year of Lamplighter!

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