Bulldogs Lose to Catholic in a Last Second Goal

Knights prevail 1-0 at the Aug. 30 home game.

Aug. 30– After a win (6-0) against Lafayette last week, the Bulldogs (3-3) were well rested for their game against Lexington Catholic (5-3). Each team was battling for field possession for most of the game.

The second half started to get really competitive when Catholic started to get more of an advantage in possession and pressure. Catholic created chances for five shots to Dunbar’s zero, including one hitting off of the crossbar.

Dunbar had a few chances to score deep into Catholic’s defensive third but couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities because Catholic’s defense stepped up.

In the last minutes of the game, Catholic had most of the possession in Dunbar’s half. With 16 seconds left, Catholic’s #25, Maggie Corbett scored the game winning goal.

“It’s disappointing to lose with 16 seconds left, but we know we were the better team we just didn’t perform up to the expectation,” said junior Meron Roach.

During the game, senior, #9, Elizabeth Lippert sustained a head injury from getting the ball kicked to the side of her face. She stayed on the ground for a while but came back into the game just a few minutes later.

Dunbar plays next at West Jessamine on Sept. 6 at 7:30.

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  • #15 Junior Meron Roach kneeing the ball in an attempt to move it down the field.

  • #9 Senior Elizabeth Lippert runs the ball down the field.

  • #12 Senior Baylee Lanter moves to kick the soccer ball.

  • #12 Senior Baylee Lanter and a Lexington Catholic player both reach for the ball at the same time.

  • #14 Sophomore Rachel Green preparing to launch the ball down the field.

  • #3 Senior Callahan Stokley throws the soccer ball back into the game.

  • Goalkeeper Morgan Turcotte kicking the ball back onto the field.

  • A Dunbar player is blocked by the opposing team as she tries to move the ball forward.

  • #9 Senior Elizabeth Lippert grabs an opposing player to get around her and gain control of the soccer ball.

  • Two Dunbar players and a Lexington Catholic player collide on the field while moving towards the ball.

  • #4 Junior Audrey Rawls kicks the soccer ball back into play.

  • Elizabeth Lippert mid-air after being knocked down.

  • #15 Meron Roach sprinting the ball down the field.

  • #3 Callahan Stokley transfers the ball to a fellow Dunbar player #8 Sophia Mitchell.

  • Callahan Stokley prepares to move forward with the ball.

  • #15 Meron Roach getting to the soccer ball seconds before an opposing player.

  • #24 Sophomore Gracie Logan gains control of the ball.

  • The Dunbar players are distressed after teammate Elizabeth Lippert goes down.

  • Goalkeeper Morgan Turcotte runs to kick the ball out of the path of the goal.

  • #4 Audrey Rawls races forward with the ball.

  • #8 Sophia Mitchell moves forward with the ball.