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Brendan Jarvis

Brendan Jarvis, Staff Reporter

My name is Brendan Jarvis and this is my first year with PLD Lamplighter. I'm currently a sophomore and play soccer for Dunbar. I was introduced to the idea of joining lamplighter by my friend Sloan Scroggin and I thought it would be a fun new experience to try.

Some hobbies I enjoy doing are things like playing guitar. I’ve played guitar for quite a while now and I'm pretty solid at it. I also enjoy playing soccer and play for both club and Dunbar. I really enjoy playing and watching sports. I love hanging out with my homies on any given day or night. Some of my favorite sports teams are the Patriots and Celtics.

I can't wait to become a part of Lamplighter and contribute to something larger than myself.

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COVID-19 and the NFL

COVID-19 and the NFL

October 27, 2020
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